Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Whole Foods = Whole Paycheck

I heard "The Fitnessista" say this about Whole Foods and it's so true. It's nearly impossible to go there and spend under $100.

My lunch at Whole Foods
Their unsweetened, iced tea was very good!
This wrap was a bit of a let down. It tasted like wet soggy vegetables. No flavour at all. I still ate it though :)
I bought so much stuff at Whole Foods. I usually buy most of my baking and cooking ingredients from Noah's Natural Foods, but I thought I would give Whole Foods a chance. When I went there, I realized that Whole Foods is actually cheaper. I don't think the words cheaper and Whole Foods have ever been in a sentence together, but it's true! I bought some sweet brown rice (looked smaller and more round then regular brown rice), macadamia nuts, pine nuts (for 44.00 $/ pound)--> I didn't buy a pound though, and a lot of other stuff! I made sure to buy lots of natural almonds for my home made almond milk today!

I did come across some of their house made guacamole and it was delish! I am not a huge fan of guacamole but I licked the container clean on this one. I cut up some pita, sprinkled it with hot chili oil and baked it in the oven at 350 for about 8 minutes, and served it with the guac! Great afternoon snack!

Almonds soaking in water before they turn into milk!
Pita cut into triangles and getting ready for the oven!
Healthy easy snack!
Not too sure what i'll make for dinner today, but I'm just about to start my 45 minute yoga for buns workout from yogadownload.com!

See you later! :)

P.S. Found some vegan pumpkin mousse at Whole Foods, can't wait! I'm thinking to incorporate it into breakfast tomorrow!

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