Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A healthy take on taco dip!

The pictures didn't turn out so great but this tasted fabulous!

I decided to change the typical sour-cream-cheddar-cheese-overload that makes up a taco dip. I started with a hummus and nutrtional yeast bottom layer. Next, I added some organic corn salsa, then some black beans! On top of the beans I added some tempeh that I sauted with taco seasoning and water. Finally, I added some shredded lettuce, green bell pepper, and tomatoes! Voila! Instant healthy taco dip!!

I spent all of my day today waiting for Front Door Organics! They said they would come between 12 and 10 pm! Seriously! I had to wait until 6 pm.

Lots of great organic, local produce! I can't wait to use it all!

Last night I ended up making it for a run. I didn't feel like going, so I took two pieces of paper and wrote "Run" and "Don't Run" on them. I crumpled them up, tossed them in a hat, and chose one! (I actually use this as my go-to method for making tough decisions (I read once, "Don't waste your time on jealousy, sometimes you're ahead and sometimes you're behind, you're choices are half chance, and so are everybody elses", so I always leave it to chance!) I chose "Run", so I suited up and went for it. I haven't run a 5 k in under 27 minutes in a while and I did it in 25! I really felt like I was pushing myself and i'm glad that I did. Hopefully it makes this race on Saturday a bit easier. Well, i'm off to bed! I have a big day at the gym tomorrow and then work in the afternoon!

I almost forgot! I had a comment from a reader saying they were very dissatisfied with the stuffed pizza mushroom recipe, and I am very sorry that it didn't work out! That recipe won first place on the Portabello Playoffs, it was Angela Liddon's recipe, and I thought it turned out marvelously! I really wish it would have worked out for you!

Mare! :)

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