Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It is very hard to get back into the swing of things when you've been gone for 3 weeks. I wasn't able to cook in my own kitchen or stick to my regular schedule, so I came back feeling in a bit of a funk. In fact, I'm still in one.

But one thing that kept me sane was my juicer. I am soo happy I brought it with me. Just sipping green juice made me feel amazing, and it kept my insides pretty happy too.

My mother in law is an amazing cook, and thankfully she made me delicious vegetarian meals made from ingredients that came primarily from her own organic garden. But I didn't eat her meals 100% of the time either, there were some bad food choices in there, like sugar pie, paninis, Dixie-Lee fried fish, and my fair share of wine (curse you Wine Rack for making me like wine!) . But there is no point dwelling on what you ate, only on what you're eating now and what you can eat next!

So I am very excited to say (and smell) that the dehydrator is back in action! I am currently making some sunflower poppy seed bread to go along with my sunflower veggie burgers! Rawsome!

This is the bread before I put it into the dehydrator. 6 more hours!

Salad that I made for husband and I after we finished our juice fast yesterday. I made an avocado lime dressing but didn't quite like it, so I won't share that recipe-fail with you! In order to give our bodies a break from all the food we ate in New Brunswick, we did a one day green juice and green tea fast. I feel better already, it definitively does a body good!

One of the desserts my mother in law made was a type of vegan pudding. I am not sure about the exact measurements, but I will find out. It contained, almond milk, coconut oil, berries, gluten free flour and....I think that's it. Cant wait to find out and make it!

Anyhow, hope everyone is having a great summer! Here's to hoping that I'll get back into the groove I had going before we left.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Brunswick

Husband and I have been in New Brunswick for about 3 weeks and have gotten an internet connection about three times, this time included.

We have a plan of moving here in 3-5 years, so it was great to see our town in its prime time of summer.

Here are some random shots of things we've done and seen! Food pictures in the next post. And yes, I brought the juicer :)