Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I've spent the past week moving from my old bachelor to a two bedroom with my man lover! The living part is fun, the moving part--> not so much.

This is what happened the day I moved. So I was a pretty damn useless mover. I'm about 90% done though, thanks to the violation of labour laws on my moms behalf. You're the best mom.

I was carrying a stupid (can you tell i'm a little bit bitter) IKEA table really high (because i'm so strong) and the damn middle part came out and landed right on my big toe. I was in momentary shock, and still managed to get shit on the elevator, but once I reached the ground level I started crying like a little pansy.

It goes to say that I don't see any more marathons in my near future, which blows. Cheers to training upper body for the next 6 months like the average male gym-goer :)

Have a great day everyone

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The most important day of your life is TODAY!

I worked on my shoulders yesterday, and woke up with sore lats and pecs. No idea where that came from, especially since I haven't worked back or chest in a few days.

I did 8-12-16 for shoulders and biceps:
8 reps x 65 bb strict press
12 reps x 20's db neutral grip press
16 reps x 10's db lateral raise

8 reps x 25 db concentration curl
12 reps x 15's db zottman curls
16 reps x 30 lb bb curl

Rest 2 minutes between each circuit and repeat each 4 times. It's a killer.

I've also decided to amp up the running, my toe isn't 100% yet but it's better than what it was. I wish I could do BJJ more often, but I injured myself each time. And with my profession, I can't afford to be injured.

On another note, i'm moving out of my apartment! I found someone to sublet it, and he should be here any moment to sign the lease. But I am super duper excited! Living alone really sucks. It's awesome when you want to blare rap and pretend you're a hip hop dancer, but shitty when you want to come home and talk to someone (dogs don't count).

After mentioning that I was going back to being vegan, I was astounded by all the negative comments. All the frustration of being vegan came back to me. WHY DO PEOPLE CARE WHAT I EAT!!!!! I'm not preachy, but they sure as hell are, and its irritating as @%$*.

I plan on running 10 km today and working on legs. We'll see if I survive.

Have an amazing and stellar day! The most important day of your life is TODAY!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Hey guys, two days in a row, im on a roll :)

Competed yesterday in DCC's little crossfit style competition and did okay. I didn't push myself as hard as I should have, but it was still fun.

The events were a lot of fun, some deadlifts, burpees, tuck jumps, you name it. On the nutrition front, it's pretty much been all over the place. Quinoa, eggs, boxes of gluten free cereal, apples, bananas, oatmeal. I want to be both paleo and vegan, but I realize that makes absolutely no sense.

See you tomorrow :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bear with me

I dont even know how to start this. I've been away too long and had so much stuff happen. I thought that maybe these events had changed me, but they really haven't. I still can't stick to a damn program, and can't stop shoving chocolate down my throat. The minute that I start stressing about my shape I blow up like a balloon.

What worked for me previously was training for strength and caring only about lifting heavy shit. What also worked was being vegan and training for marathons. How does one find a happy medium? Something has got to change though, my workouts have gotten boring and shitty and my meal planning is mediocre at best. I have wonderful people helping me with eating plans, but I cant follow something that makes me super lean really fast, because what happens when that's over? Im looking for longevity.

People try to help you out by telling you that their way works, and I understand that they may truly believe it because it has worked for them, but it doesn't work for everyone. CrossFit worked for me pretty well and it was super fun, but the programming was garbage. Need I really say anything about marathon training? Who the $@*& wants to do that? Not me.

So please, bear with me as I figure my shit out.