Thursday, September 29, 2011

I made this blog private, then I made it un-private again. I really am a woman, with my wishy-washy moods :)

Our CrossFit team placed fourth out of 33 teams. It was a good experience, one that I won't forget. It was nice to have such great team comraderie.

I'm super tired and can't think what to type, so Ill catch you guys tomorrow. I did want to mention that I'm going to start adding more interval cardio to my training because Im starting to look like a linebacker. Not good for the dating scene.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Sometimes you just have to accept that you're going to make some enemies, fall hard in the process, and feel like curling up under a rock and dying. And once your pity party is over, its time to party with a real purpose.

And yes, you might think that this means to drink a disgusting amount of Guiness, and it did, for that night. But now it means, buckle down, grow some balls and get to work.

I got to meet the man behind GoodLife today, and it was pretty eye-opening. Unless your goals are written, they remain as dreams. Goals need to be written and timed, once that is accomplished, you can make a game plan to achieve it.

So today I sat down with one of the most important females in my life and mapped this shit out (say this with a gangster accent). On a side note, I just want to voice how amazing it is to have friends that are your missing piece and bring out only the best in you, and who don't judge you when you do something really horrible that should definitely be judged.

So what better way to write out my goals then on my blog. Here they are:

10 years: Being an NCCP Olympic Lifting Coach, still doing personal training but at the elite level, doing consultations for my expertise, being PERMAJACKED, bringing a more well-planned and injury-preventative version of CrossFit out. Being highly skilled and educated in olympic lifting, muscle testing, barbell techniques, functional testing and assessment, and applying this to elite sport specific movements.

5 years: Still working at GoodLife, as a Level 5 trainer. Possibly working a bit ouf of CrossFit gyms as well. Being a part of the CrossFit community and competing RX in Regionals. Working towards NCCP certification. Working towards my lifting goals as well; hopefully having achieved a 170 lb clean and jerk. Having extensive knowledge on olympic lifting technique/ progression/regression/ program development.

1 year: Be a level 3 trainer at GoodLife. Qualify for CrossFit regionals. Work maximum hours with 100% satisfied clients seeing amazing results. Start towards reaching the peak of my actual training. Show that CrossFit can be done while remaining injury free. Focus on not binge eating.

I'm sure there are way more, and I will update as needed, but the sound of my fan blowing is really making it hard to focus.

Anyhow, today was new PR's for cleans and bench, hopefully tomorrow follows suit with the snatch :)
Competition is a little bit more than a week away! I feel a win coming :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

If this is you...


Although I might not remember too much of what I learnt on the weekend ( I am the opposite of  a sponge, im oil, and new information is water) I do remember enough to know that that bench press DOES NOT COUNT. Not only is she exhibiting the worst possible form ever, she's going to injure her shoulder, her back, her neck, everything. This picture was not posted on a site about bad form, it was posted on a site about fit women doing great athletic movements. Pshhhh, as if. She should be going back to a lower weight and working on proper form again, then gradually increase the weight. If she can do it with proper form, then gradually she will get stronger. Doing that weird exorcist type bench press will not make her stronger, only screw her up for the future. The same goes for my deadlift. I've started working at a lower weight to make sure my form is perfect. My lower back has been tight alot lately, and I attribute it to improper deadlifting technique.

Things have been going great around here, lots of changes, lots of new stresses, but also lots of great improvements. I did a killer leg workout yesterday, and to further my self-punishment, I'm going to go run hill intervals with my best friend in a few hours.

Yesterdays leg workout was :
  • 6 heavy squats, ass to the grass, 135 lbs
  • 12 loaded lunges, each leg, 2 x 25 lb db
  • 25 deadlifts, 125 lbs
You do this without stopping, and without dropping the bar. Then you rest three minutes and repeat 4 times. By the time you reach the deadlifts you're ready to collapse if you do it right. You are supposed to focus on tempo, with a 4 second eccentric. But that went out the window after the first squat.

I had intended to stretch after, but you know how that goes. So now i'm hobbling around like an aged Bilbo Baggins.

Birthday party tonight, talk to you guys later! :)