Saturday, June 30, 2012

Liquid Breakfast- and single leg exercises for fundamentals

Breakfast today was in two glasses:

On the right is a smoothie with : spinach, kale, ginger, celery, cherries, banana, phytoplankton, pollen, sprouted chia powder, and water.

On the left is my first attempt at making vitamin water: water infused with mint leaves, watermelon, squeezed lichee, blueberries, and squeezed lime.

Not too bad for my first attempt.

My legs are very sore today from Tuesday and Friday's leg workout. I think I overdid it this week, so my legs didn't have a chance to recuperate properly. Tisk tisk.

One thing that everyone should remember, is before you go into any double arm or double leg exercise, you should work on strengthening the arm or leg individually first to make sure it is okay for the a full squat or bench press.

My squat has been pretty shitty lately, hip sway, knees buckling, so I've gone back to the basics and am building my squat back up.

I did light straight legged deadlifts, superseted with split squats. Then I did dumbell front squats with a pause in the bottom and making sure that my legs didn't cave in by actively pressing them out (boy did my glutes feel this), and superseted these with weightless walking lunges (50 of them). I then did Poliquin step ups on each leg, superseted with 15 broad jumps (as far as I could jump, and then land in a squat and jump again).

Right now my workouts are a bit different, I've come away from the lower rep strength and hypertrophy work and brought myself to a more endurance phase of 20 + reps. I have never really done this before, and with all my training education you'd think I would realize that I should take my own advice sometimes and not do the same workout for 2 + years. The higher reps is very different, and hard in a different way, I am finding it very challenging. And with new challenges come new results in my physique! Wooo woo!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Green Juice

Went for a 5 mile run this morning, a pretty brutal one, and treated myself to a delicious green juice afterwards.

Kale, spinach, celery, ginger, apple

Everyone should try to drink one green juice a day, or eat one salad a day. It can't hurt, so why not try it.

Busy busy day, be back later!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sport specific training

Strength training has got quite the reputation. Women think it will make them bulky, lots of men spend 3 days a week working on arms and neglecting legs, bodybuilders build unrealistic and non-functional physiques, while sport specific trainees wonder where the heck they fit in.

Strength training isn't a one size fits all kind of thing, especially if you're training to increase your strength for a sport. Today I will use the example of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since my Husband does it, but the main ideas can flow over to other technical sports.

Whenever I train myself, others, or Husband I only ever do functional, full body, compound, explosive type movements. You will never, ever see me doing a bicep curl, especially on a squat rack :) . When you do other full body movements like chin-ups, or a row, you are using your biceps as well, so it's not necessary to train the hell out of them.

My Husband is a prime example of someone that was a bit confused with strength training. He didn't understand the purpose, and thought that just rolling and doing technique was enough. I agree that you should never stop rolling and practicing technique, but at some point you will realize that it's not enough. Maybe if your legs were stronger you would be able to hold your triangle better, etc, etc. In the case of my husband, his legs are his weakest point, and in his last competition he was complaining how he wasn't able to finish the triangle and that his legs were giving out. Compare this to one of our friends who is 180 lbs of pure muscle who can submit you just by squeezing his legs really hard in triangle. Even I can submit Husband by squeezing my legs together when he's in my guard.

Jiu jitsu guys, you don't have to be scrawny, most of the greats aren't:


Now, look at this guy:

This guy is a bodybuilder. You put him on the mat and he could be submitted in two seconds because he has zero flexibility. He is trained for purely bodybuilding, its not functional for sport. That is why your strength training cannot be the traditional training that most guys are used to: you know, the arms and chest, back and shoulders type thing. What you need to do is explosive full body movements, with some unilateral work to strength individual legs and arms since you won't be using them bilaterally all the time.

Your main exercises:

Squat (only when you're legs are working in perfect order)
Deadlift- all kinds
Overhead press
Bench press
Clean and Jerk
Split squats
One legged squats
Step Ups
Back extensions

When thinking, should I do this exercise? Think about how functional it is. Do you actually do this motion in your sport, would a cave-man do it, does it require a machine to do it, is the muscle moving in a way that it would normally? Picking something up off the floor (aka. deadlift) is an important movement, doing dumbell skull crushers or the hamstring curl machine, not so important. I hate machines, but the one I hate the most is the leg extension. At what point in life is your quad moving in isolation without anything else? It's a purely aesthetic exercise with zero functionality. You want nice quads?--> front squat, back squat, lunge, jump, you get the idea

I don't want to give away all the good stuff, so stay tuned on what sort of exercises you would start with to progress safely and prevent injury. Also, be sure to check out next week my interview in Real T.O on 3 sample meals a jiu jitsu goer should eat after class.

One last thought:
Imagine that you are great at jiu jitsu, now imagine that you are just as flexible, just as technical, but now, EVEN STRONGER. Just imagine the possibilities.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Hey guys!

I know I promised a "strength training in jiujitsu" post, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. There is a lot of research and Im trying to figure out how to put all my points in there without it being 829539 pages.

So be prepared for a great one tomorrow!

I craved these today so bad. I had 4 organic grapefruits, delish!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Energy Balls

These snacks were perfect for supplying Husband with energy to get the gold!

Spirulina Go For The Gold Balls:

1/2 cup raw oats
1 cup raw cashews
2 tbsp spirulina
1-2 tbsp pollen
pinch salt
10 medjool dates
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 -1/2 cup maple syrup

Put all ingredients into food processor and process into balls! Shape into balls or bars and store in freezer until you are ready to eat.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

I just want to send out an amazing congratulations to the most amazing mother on her engagement! You deserve happiness more than anyone in the world!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gold medal

I have the best Husband in the world. Gold medal winner over here :)

And congrats to all the other No Gi guys for being so awesome!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I think it's safe to assume that a colonics post won't have any pictures :)    you're welcome!

So colonics, well that was an experience. I thought Husband would have a much harder time with the process, seeing as a giant tube was being put up his butt by an unknown woman, but it was me that had a panic attack and started crying to the girl. But I am an easy crier, so don't let that dissuade you from doing colonics.

My reasoning for doing colonics was that my raw way of eating was leaving my stool a bit soft, seeing as there was no hardening foods in my diet like grains and legumes. I thought that there was bound to be a lot of leftover gunk in there and that colonics would be a great way to get it out. Suffering from Crohn's disease, this is to be a bit expected, but the constant bloating and gas is starting to get very old very fast.

Husbands reasoning for doing this was health improvement as well, but mostly to lose a few pounds for his competition saturday.

When I planted the colonics seed in his head I said that they only put a tiny tube up your butt, and that you are able to put it in yourself :) haahahaha, boy was I wrong. Apparently Husband stopped talking mid sentence when the nurse pulled out the thing that goes in your butt.

We spend 45 minutes driving in Toronto traffic to get to our appointment in the beaches and I was extremely irritable because we weren't able to eat for 2 hours beforehand. My only need is food, if you take that away I become the whiniest and most annoying companion...ever-> Ask husband. Anyhow, we got to the center, it was very clean and calming. Our waivers were ready and waiting for us. All of a sudden I felt like I had to go to the washroom and felt super gasy. I just kept thinking that whoever does my colonic is going to hate me for having so much crap up my butt. Husband seemed super calm, I was jealous.

We both meet our lovely nurses, who are also fully certified nutritionists. We go into separate rooms and I noticed some tubes, a bed with a mirror on top with a towel and pee pad on it. Great, now I'm following in my dogs footsteps.  The nurse tells me to get into my birthday suit and get under the towel. I do and she comes back and starts giving me an abdominal massage. This would feel really good if I didn't also see the anal tube and start to freak out, mostly because I thought Husband was going to kill me because that thing was so huge. Skip over the insertion part and then water starts flowing in. It's a very confusing feeling for your body. I felt very out of control of the situation and started to panic. The nurse was amazing and tried to keep me distracted by my blog recipes, and recipe ideas,  but I just wanted to breathe and focus on the mirror. Lots of little pieces were flowing out of the tube. The nurse said these were pieces in your colon that were getting chipped away, which was a good sign. But I didn't have any "HOLY SHIT" moments until 30 minutes into it. You know that feeling where you get goosebumps and feel like you really need to be near a toilet? That's how I felt, but with a tube up my butt and a nurse holding it. I freaked out and wanted it out, and she told me to relax and that it would pass. All of a sudden you see a whirlwind of gas and poop in the tube and you suddenly feel better, only to start again 30 seconds later. And that continued. Once I learnt what to expect and what I would feel, the experience was much less horrifying. The whole process takes about 1 hour.

They take the tube out, and then you go to the washroom and have the most explosive watery diarrhea ever.You put your feet up on a stool while you do this, it's supposed to be the best position to go to the washroom. Once everything comes out you start to feel pretty good, and I'm sure you're just running on adrenaline because you're body is wondering what the heck you just did to it.

I exit the room and see Husband smiling and he says, "I feel amazing! I feel so empty! Let's book for another one." I just look at him, feeling nauseous, violated, tired, dizzy and stressed, and say, " I'll think about it in a few days."

The nurse gives us probiotics, tells us things not to eat (spicy foods, or any foods that make you gassy), and says have a good night.

I thought the whole ride home that stuff would leak out of my butt, but it didn't. High five to that. I came home and ate some brown rice noodles with pesto. The nurse told me to eat more solid food for this meal, so that was the best I could do.

After the process, both Husband and I started feeling soooooo tired and soooooo thirsty. A sign of detoxing, and that we lost a lot of water through our colon.

All in all I lost 2 lbs, Husband gained two ( ?), and I probably won't do that again. Everyone should atleast try it, I mean, Husband loved it! I just can't be in situations like that where I don't have control.
I freaked out while snorkeling, so that goes to show.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to shoot me a comment!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Raw Strawberry Kream pie

Strawberry Kream Pie: Inspired by Ani's Raw

The Base:

1 cup raw almonds
1 cup raw pecans
1 tsp sea salt
2 cups pitted dates

Process all ingredients into a food processor. Once it reaches a dough like consistency flatten out into your pie plate. I just used a regular old plate and then added higher ridges so the kream wouldn't run over it.

The Filling:

1 cup raw cashews, soaked for 30 minutes
1/2 cup coconut oil
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup strawberries
1 tbsp agave

Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until it reaches an even and smooth consistency. Pour into your pie tart and then top with more strawberries. Soak the topping strawberries in agave if you'd like!

This is the easiest dessert to make, it took me 15 minutes. Before you enjoy it though, make sure to cool it atleast 30 minutes in the fridge!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Salad Beast

When you buy bigger dishes, you tend to put more food on the plate. Case in point--> the above picture. I didn't realize how big the salad was until I felt extremely full halfway through.

Salad was topped with sunflower sprouts, almond parm, pepper, zucchini, a whole avocado, and sunflower seeds. A glass of freshly made almond milk to wash it all down

As I mentioned before, Husband is working really hard to cut weight for his competition. He even woke up at 4:30 am to run 5 km before a hard and long day working construction. If that's not pure dedication, I don't know what is. His constant deprivation of food and salivating over every food commercial even made me crave some foods! So I gave in, not wanting to completely deprive myself.

Not a bad food craving if I do say so myself. Brown rice noodles with raw marinara sauce, bell pepper, sunflower sprouts, red onion, and nutritional yeast.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday! Be prepared for Thursdays post--> post colonics experience (his and hers!)

The Husband Post!

       Well hello world!   This is my first time posting on a blog ever.   So here it goes.
I have a big competition in a less than a week,  i'm very motivated and very stressed.    Dieting is a very important part of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,   not only for optimal performance but also on a day to day basis,   after all i'm rolling on the ground and bending myself in unthinkable ways.  Not so easy to do when you have gas!
        This is when i'm especially happy to have a wife who knows so much about nutrition!  

      But even with all her knowledge, I am a bit stubborn and hard to get new ideas through to.  So all the advice in the world wont help me when I think i'm right!.  I have to loose 10 lbs in a week to make the 149.9lbs division.  
     Since I cant eat as much as I want to..   I need some ways of keeping my taste buds happy.    So I made fresh organic orange juice popsicles :)

   Here is a list of the ingredients:

1) oranges
2) oranges
3) oranges

A whole bottle of wine was emptied into the sink to make room for this orange juice!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

New dishes!

Great and hearty breakfast food to come!

I was so excited yesterday as Husband and I made our trek to Ikea to get new dishes! I love kitchen stuff, I could spend a year in any kitchen store.

These dishes go to show how much Husband loves me. He doesn't seem to mind eating out of pink and flowery dishes :)

Husband is trying to cut about 10 lbs for his Jiujitsu competition so after eating a strawberry or an egg he looks at me and says "Is this going to make me fat?". The role's here feel so wrong and reversed. He woke up this morning and said, "I think I ate too much yesterday I am 156 this morning and yesterday I was 155.6, I gained weight". I just rolled my eyes Im pretty sure. I am so thankful that this is only for a week. A man that eats less than you and constantly wonders if it is going to make him fat is very disorienting.

Needless to say, he woke up at the break of dawn this morning and went for a trail run on an empty stomach. So obviously, I munched on this bad boy, a "no-carb" persons nightmare--or dream.

Overnight oats with chia seeds, homemade almond mylk, little bit of maple syrup, shredded dried coconut, strawberries, almond butter, and walnuts.

Delicious! And it keeps me full for a very long time!

Yesterday I did some hill sprints, because I thought that doing a longer run would tire my legs out for legs day today at the gym. But I have no idea where that logic came from or if I got second hand high from weed smokers or something, but either the way, the logic didn't work. My legs are more sore then they would have been from a longer run. But I will work them out anyways! Strong legs don't come from laying around on the couch all day!

What else helps you get a strong lean shape? When you're hungry at night, don't eat cookies! Eat a salad!

Night-time salad pictures are awful, sorry.

The salad had mixed greens, sunflower sprouts, sunflower seeds, red bell pepper, cucumber, almond parmesan, hemp hearts and a store bought raw dressing--> I was feeling lazy.

A pretty solid salad dressing, I'd highly recommend it.

Now off to do legs! As always with me, expect some heavy squats, moderately heavy deadlifts and some structure unilateral leg work!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Smoothie double time

Today I had two smoothies. Sometimes they are just the easiest way to get the "good stuff" in your system, and require the least amount of time--> unless you have a ridiculously  hard blender to clean. Then you should just throw in the towel.

Smoothie numero uno:
Cherries, coconut water, coconut milk, spinach, cucumber, sunwarrior protein, ginger.

Smoothie numero dos:
The flash gave this one a weird pumpkin colour. But no pumpkins were harmed in the making of this!
Banana, cacao, homemade almond mylk, bee pollen, spinach, water, "Oceans Alive".

I love "Ocean's Alive", and Husband does too. It gives you crazy Hulk-ish energy that sustains you for hours. I started taking maca powder as well, not for the libido boost, but for the hormonal regulation. I know that something my body has struggled with for a while, and continues to do so is manage my hormones properly. I go from super happy to a cookie eating depressed rage to crying and wanting to workout. It's all very odd, Husband thinks its all part of being a woman, but I know it's not right. With all the ways the environment makes us produce too much estrogen its no wonder my hormones are out of whack.

So maca is a great way to regulate your hormones. It is an all-natural tuber from Peru, and it also gives you some energy as well.

One of today's meals. Homemade raw banana bread, almond butter, strawberries (the good kind that aren't the size of a goiter) and coconut.

This banana bread brings new meaning to the term banana bread, it is literally just dehydrated bananas.

Raw Banana Bread:

4 cups of chopped organic banana (when it comes to bananas, always buy organic)
1/8 cup raw agave
1 tbsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp sea salt
2 cups ground sprouted flax (I used flax/chia mix)
1/2 cup sliced dates or other dried fruit

Food process the banana, agave, cinnamon and salt. Transfer to a mixing bowl and then add in flax and sliced dates. Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes so that the flax can thicken the mixture. Spread onto your dehydrator sheets. Dehydrate for 12-16 hours at 105. Flip after about 12 hours! Enjoy!


This is how I felt today:

I went for a run outside today, about 6 km, and holy crap was it hot out. I am very slow to get moving in the morning. I read blogs for about an hour, eat my breakfast like a bird, and then sit and stare out the window while pulling split ends off of my hair for 2 hours. It's really a huge waste of time, but it's my routine!Gotta' get out of that one. The point of that story was that I didn't get to running until about 12:30, so the sun was in full out "I want to burn you and make you regret wearing black" mode.  I finished the run after much cursing about why there was no damn shade on my route and why there were soooo many people walking 8 people abreast on the sidewalk. Come on people!

But it's done and I feel great!

Hope everyone is having a great day :
I am definitely jealous of my mom who is off in the south enjoying some much deserved R&R.

Oh! And be on the lookout for a guest post Monday from Husband! Hopefully he's prepared a 10 page essay on why I am so amazing ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why I want to become a raw food expert-essay

I was that young teenager standing infront of a small town KFC trying to convince people how miserable the food they were about to eat was. I was also the teenager who put signs on her families lawn to help end the Canadian seal hunt by signing a petition. I was also the young adult who would go to local punk shows armed with PETA flyers and vegan chocolate mousse to bring people over to the vegan side. Most of my life I have spend battling against the masses to eat healthier, and in a small town this is no easy task. But I laboured on and I became a moderately healthy (what, Tofutti Cuties aren't healthy?) vegan. Then I moved to the big city, and there were restaurants where servers knew what the word vegan meant, and tofu wasn't some weird thing that no one bought in the grocery store.
It was in Toronto that I started my vegan healthy living blog,, and really became focused on health and nutrition. I finished what I had set out to do when I ventured to Toronto, which was to finish my Biology degree, and then I kind of got stuck. "What do I do now?" was pretty much my mantra. I had a biology degree, a serving job at a meat-loving greasy restaurant, a failing and draining relationship, a love of fitness, and two awesome fur babies. So I threw out the bulk of those, and kept the good ones. I figured that I loved fitness so much, why not make it a full time career. I quit the serving job and began offering personal training at GoodLife fitness.

GoodLife fitness changed my world, and not for the better. The fitness industry is amazing at its ability to make you forget your morals and ethics and hop on whatever health bandwagon they have going on. Or maybe I'm just gullible, who knows :) . My training expertise was in olympic lifting. I like to lift heavy things, and try to constantly strive for new records, so the idea of being a certain size or having a particular body fat percentage was never on my mind. That was until I got deeper into the training world, I had trainers left and right telling me their views on nutrition and training , that my body fat was too high, that my training was wrong….you get the point. It wasn't long until I threw away my vegan choices and started eating meat, and pretty much only meat and nuts (aka. Paleolithic) It was awful, my skin was disgusting, my hair started breaking off and I was SOOOOOO cranky and stressed. I needed 3-5 coffees a day just to function in a socially acceptable manner. And forget about my workouts, I grew so confused with everyones "better" ideas that I just sort of gave up.

  Things continued like this for a few more months and then I had a reality check. I was diagnosed with Chrones disease, and really had to figure my shit out. I knew that my new career path wasn't working for me, but I didn't know what I was "meant to do with my life", so I felt guilty to myself and my family for leaving it. I met my husband in those few months, we dated a month, moved in together, dated 3 more months then got married. Pretty amazing. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be anywhere close to the where I am now. He told me to quit that toxic work environment, start up the blog again, and take some time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. While I still don't know, I have a way better idea about which direction to go. 

I love cooking, and photographing it. I love creating recipes and trying other amazing bloggers recipes. I fell back in love with exercise and I fell thankfully back in love with vegan foods. But this time, veganism didn't make sense to me the same way it used to, Raw hit me right on the head and gave me Oprah Winfreys "Aha moment". As my fitness goals increased I started recognizing that the better food I got into me, the better my recovery time was, and the better my bowels were. Say goodbye to the feeling of wanting to crap your pants 24/7. My skin has never been better, my hair never softer, my mood happier, and my energy levels are through the roof! I went through my own sort of crack withdrawals when I gave up coffee, had headaches, the shakes, everything. But after supplementing with enough green juices that I started to question whether poop was meant to be green,  I began to  I feel energized from 9 am-12 pm. 

Ideas of going back to school for nursing floated around and it seemed like a very great idea for future financial security. But a little miracle happened. I picked up a magazine and saw a little ad for a raw desserts class and went online to research more about it. Perusing this website I found out that there was a certified culinary program for Raw foods, and I got so excited that I tried to call everyone I knew (mom, dad, husband) to tell them about this amazing opportunity. Unfortunately no one answered their phones, but I did get in contact with Husband by running to his martial arts class in the rain and telling him by spitting out words at 4829392 miles a minute. When I was done we were both so excited! Him and I agreed that this was the most perfect form of education for me EVER. It seemed like Karma decided to dish out all the good stuff it had been holding onto for me and give it to me in one big shot.

Once it was decided that this is what I really wanted to do I started thinking about the possibilities afterwards. I could really focus on my blog and start making meal plans for people, and start thinking of product ideas for when my husband and I open our own Juijitsu gym where I hope to sell healthy raw meals to go for the athletes. This program is exactly what I need, and what my life has been waiting for. It feels like I've spent the last 10 years leading up to it.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend blast

Yesterday was such an eventful day for the dogs and myself that I'm surprised we all didn't konk out at 8 pm.

Husband and I both started the day off with my raw apple cinnamon bread topped with raw almond butter and mango chunks!

We brought the fur faces for a nice long walk, and then we headed to the gym. We kicked our own butts! I was sweating a disgusting amount.

We then came home and had a smoothie.

Sunwarrior protein, spinach, pollen, frozen cherries, organic banana, water, cacao, coconut water.

After the delicious smoothie we ran out the door with the dogs and went to Woofstock! Basically a person who hates crowds-worst nightmare (aka. me). But the dogs and Husband had a good time.

Ladies...try not to pet the handsome man on your computer screen

Doggies in the mister...dogs seemed to like it! Cools them down.

And myself with the fur babies:

We then went home, had a salad, and went right back out to play frisbee in the park for two hours. 

Lola went for a swim in the little pond.

Ignore my Quasimodo like posture.

What a great day and amazing weekend. Hope everyone had a good one as well!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

you are so much more than you imagine

No pictures today sorry!

Saturdays are my favourite days, Husband and I do something athletic in the morning, go for sushi and then usually see a movie. Today we woke up, didnt feel like running, so did an awesome gym workout and then topped it off with a carrot and ginger juice. Then we headed to sushi, which rocked my socks, and headed home to relax. We brought the dogs for a nice big walk where lola did her miniature poop and we sort of pretended to pick it up (forgot a bag ),  and had a really great day.

One important thing that we did today was register for my certified culinary raw food expert program! I am sooo darn excited. I start in September and I am beyond happy about it. Never before have I found a program so catered to my likes and passions. Thank-you karma!

When I was reading into the program details I saw that I will have to host a 10 person dinner party and take photographs of the event! How amazing is that as a homework assignment. Husband will definitely be enjoying the fruits of my courses labour in the next coming months (homemade raw meals ALL THE TIME).

For the program I have to write a 2 page essay about how this program will work for me and what I hope to get out of it, so I will be posting it on the blog once it is completed.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend!

One of my friends posted a great paragraph on his facebook and I thought I would mention it here:

"Having the courage to overcome perceived limitations is the first step, but it cannot be the final for it is essentially an oppositional advance. To truly reframe your potential, you must avoid defining yourself as merely capable of what others say you aren't. And move on to defining your potential by what you have not yet imagined you are. You are so much more than beyond the limits other perceive you to have. You are beyond what you can currently imagine."

Thursday, June 7, 2012

bowl of goodness

I was speaking to a man at a health shoppe today about how spirulina gives me headaches, and he explained that it is just a sign that I am detoxing and that I should continue to take it. I tried to research both sides of the story but can't find anything concrete proving or disproving that theory. He said that I can handle two weeks of headaches for a deep detox, but those headaches were awful! I wasn't able to function and turned into a husband killer. So if anybody knows anything about spirulina and signs of detoxing, let me know!

Breakfast today was a bit of everything

Some dehydrated buckwheat, chia seeds, hemp hearts, unsweetened coconut and.........

.......raw oats, banana, walnuts, agave, and homemade chocolate almond mylk!

A delicious bowl of goodness

The chocolate mylk was made extra delicious by the addition of some creamy coconut milk, and lots of dates of course.

Todays Eats:

Breakfast: The bowl you saw above
Lunch: raw tomato gazpacho, kale caesar salad from Live
Snack: coconut water
Dinner: salad with hemp hearts, raw tortilla, and lemon shallot dressing + one vegan chocolate chip cookie
Snack: havent had it yet, but am considering a cucumber salad or apple + almond butter

I ran 20 minutes today on the treadmill to ease my shins into it, and 20 minutes on the badass stair master. Dangit that thing makes you sweat. I also spent 45 minutes working on my shoulders and triceps :) I love when I can do strict barbell shoulder presses with the same weight that guys have to push press. Ohhhh the boost to my ego.

It may look like I'm not eating alot from what I've been posting, and if you'd have shown me this 6 months ago I would have agreed that it wasn't. But, it is for me now. I'm not dropping weight like crazy, it's going off quite slowly, and I am never hungry and never deprive myself ( hence why I eat so many sea weed snacks). Because I'm eating such nutrient dense food, my body doesn't send me all these hunger signals to keep eating so that it can get the nutrients it needs. My body is happy with what I am giving it. The fact that I don't crave sweets is just amazing, my mother probably won't believe it until she sees me pass up on a dessert. Raw is really working for me :)

And you know what I realized today? RAW stands for " REALLY AMAZING WIFE"