Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh pine nuts! How I have missed you!

I haven't bought pine nuts in so long because of their high price, but I went all out during my Whole Foods shopping spree and bought a little bag of them. Pine nuts have an amazing buttery, smokey taste that is incredible in salads.

My dinner! I had a massive salad with pine nuts, hemp seeds, sweet peppers, shredded carrot, celery and red onion. For dressing I had the amazing balsamic vinaigrette  that I posted. I made a triple batch of it and am storing it in the fridge; it's a lot easier than making it every time. The salad was just the appetizer. I finished dinner off with my leftover cauliflower and potato curry with some brown rice.

You may be wondering why I have romaine lettuce salads and not spinach or mixed greens. I know the more nutritious choice would be the latter but I hate having soggy lettuce. Romaine keeps its crispness and crunch. I will probably start adding little bits of mixed greens into my salads from now on, make them a bit more nutritious. 
Pine nuts take salads to a completely new level of tastiness.
Leftover cauliflower curry with brown rice.
This is the sweet brown rice I got from Whole Foods. Similar to a risotto rice.
Tomorrow? I'm off to Live Organic Raw Food Bar (I can't wait to have their raw zucchini lasagna! ) with my friend Sabrina, then maybe we'll hit up the Vegetarian Food Fair.
Vegan overnight oats for breakfast? Heck yes!

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