Thursday, May 3, 2012

Raw Extravaganza

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest. I'm starting to believe it, you're learning new things about each other and trying to make your differences work. It's hard too when one person is enormously needy (myself) and in a huge slump. Though after having a wonderful talk with an amazing friend and spending some great time with the Husband, I've realized that I'm in the slump because I let go of who I was and was relying solely on the Husband for happiness. SULKY-NEEDY-MARIANNE is no longer here!

Along with my mood, my diet and exercise has been miserable. My wonderful friend Kat has been a remedy for the lack of exercise, because exercise partners really do help, but I'm still working on the nutrition part.

I've decided to try out a 2 week self-imposed raw food extravaganza. Im hoping that if I toss the word extravagant in there it might make it less horrific. Last time I went on a raw food cleanse I coincidentally had a gigantic flare up of my intestinal disease, so bad feelings are associated with raw food :)

So the two weeks starts tomorrow, I am going to try and prep and plan tonight so that I'm not left starving and eyeing Husbands jar of nutella.

I will post about what I'm eating and drinking everyday, so if anyone wants to jump on the bandwagon they are more then welcome. I am also going to be taking some measurements and before pictures so I can show everyone how amazing my personal training skills are when applied to myself !


Here is a little cuteness overload:

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