Friday, May 18, 2012

The camera was missing its memory card today, so unfortunately no pictures!

Breakfast today an organic banana with home-made almond butter and a superfood smoothie (bee pollen, goji berries, the works).

Snack was one of my raw maple oat squares which I still have to post the recipe for, and an organic valencia orange (sooo delicious right now).

Lunch was a bowl of dehydrated buckwheat, homemade strawberry almond milk, strawberries, hemp seeds, pinch of agave, and cashews.

Snack was a bowl of delicious organic strawberries and 1/2 a cucumber.

Dinner was some zuchetti (raw zucchini made into noodles) mixed with a cashew based alfredo sauce, topped with diced tomato and pine nuts. Sooooo good.

And as a snack after work I'm currently eating a slice of apple and almond butter.

I was extremely tired today and desperately needed some sort of pick-me-up. So I apologize to the caffeine police, but I had two cups of green tea-brown rice today.  :(

Today was also a rest day, so 1 hour of was done! It's great and slightly annoying to do yoga with your dog constantly trying to sit on you or sit in the worst spot possible. Good ol' Gigi.

I'll be back at it tomorrow with more pictures and recipes! I will be going out for brunch with a dear friend at Live Food Bar tomorrow, so I will definitely post pictures of that!

See you soon :)

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