Monday, March 12, 2012

This blog reminds me a lot of when I was a kid, and I would buy a new journal about every week. I would be so excited to use it, then by Friday life would take over again and I'd forget all about it, only to be recommitted to a new one on Monday. Thankfully I don't treat men the same way.

So here is another recap, to fill in the void of the last two months since my last post, and hopefully leave you with enough to help you through the next unavoidable void.

NUMERO UNO biggest news : The little health monster is getting married :) Remember that man lover I mentioned when I posted about moving? That's him. We recently got back from a trip to Belize where we semi-romantically agreed to "do the paper-work". And that's how the magic happened:

Here is the stud muffin himself aka. soon-to-be-husband

For the rest of the news, I'm currently jobless and searching, having horrible workouts that make no sense and have no idea whats going on with my eating. I've sort of been waiting for something to happen to make me spring back into action, but Im beginning to realize that this wont happen anytime soon. So Im oiling up those springs as we speak, lets hope they work :)

My family has been a bit overbearing when it comes to the wedding. Greg and I dont want anything big, we are just going to city hall. But parents with an only daughter are agreeably a bit distraught when they dont get to be a part of it or walk their daughter down the aisle..... So we plan on having it and then announcing that we've been married later. So you wont be getting the date on the blog, just the pictures after Man Lover has signed away his life to me, muahahahahahaha. Kidding.

I understand now why people on social security and assistance become alcoholics, ITS freaking boring not working. I just caught myself having the thought, "well I could always have a glass of wine, that might make things more interesting". But I heard that slopes a slippery one, so I'm going to stick with eating my dates and scratching the dogs behind their ears.

Till the next time, which will hopefully be soon, but really...its, maybe next week?


  1. Congratulation !!! Yes you find the man of your life !!! Happy for you little monster !!! Now stop the nonsense about the wine and you will find some work soon ,Believe in your self and your ins-ting ,maybe take a course !! see you soon xoxoxo

  2. I love those pictures on your blog !!!!