Wednesday, May 30, 2012


One of the most prevalent, and annoying, questions I get when it comes to a raw vegan diet, is  "where do  you get all your protein from?". I get it, everyone is so hyped about protein, what with paleo and other low carb diets, but as North America is the nation with the highest protein intake, doesn't it also make sense to look at why we are also the nation with the highest obesity and heart disease rates?

We don't need THAT much protein people. When I was doing my heavy lifting, I thought I needed about 150 grams of protein a day ( I weigh between 145-160, it ranges) and I am positive my body wasn't doing anything good with that much protein. I was eating paleo for a very long time and not only was it the worst for my stomach but it was also the worst for my energy levels. Paleo for me + lots of coffee to function. I understand that everybody has what works for them, and I am in no way promoting one form of eating over the other, just insisting that you do your research, and understand that what might work for you wont always work for your friend.

Case in point: my friend K and I both started training hard around the same time and both adopted the paleo way of eating. Within about 3-4 months she was JACKED, and I don't mean little biceps, I mean you could see the muscles of her back ripping through her shirt. And I just stayed the same. The coffee affected my skin, my hair was shitty and straw-like, and I had countless urinary tract infections.

It took me a few months and a few mistakes later to figure out what worked for me, and that meant going back to my roots. Veganism and raw food.

I really went on a tangent there, sorry. What I meant to show you was this:

Easily digestible and amazing protein. No more taking protein from another animals breast milk that creates a completely acidic environment inside of you.
After you workout, yes, its recommend to have protein, but your body can only process so much at one meal. So having 30 + grams is kind of a waste, you'll literally pee it out. And the more you give your body to do after a workout, the less time and energy it has to do important things like keep up your immune system and recover from the workout you just did.

So after your workout, give your body something easy and healthy to help it make you stronger and recover faster.

Todays Eats:

Breakfast: 1 banana + strawberries + raw almond butter
Snack: smoothie ( protein, spinach, cherries, vega sport, pollen, honey)
Lunch:Kelp noodle salad with hemp hearts (picture following)
Snack: 1/2 cup almonds + (carrot, cucumber, parsley, ginger juice)
Dinner: Green salad with cucumber, pepper, almonds, hemp seeds, and lemon shallot dressing
Snack: 2 flourless cashew cookies (not raw)

Kelp Noodle Bowl:

My food presentation skills are getting a bit better eh? Or worse...

Lola! How did you get in here?!

Hope everyone is having a great day! I am feeling amazing today, especially for having the two greatest dogs in the world, the most amazing husband, who would support me no matter what even if it made him poor, and the best parents, because having your mom as your best friend is a pretty great thing!


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  1. You are awesome Little Monster and so right about so many things , keep up the good work and kiss everyone for me xoxoxoxox Mom