Friday, May 25, 2012

What is with this salt craving! It's getting to be annoying, the mere idea of fruit is turning me off, I just want pesto and seaweed.

Cucumber Pesto Salad with Broccoli Sprouts:

I took homemade pesto and added it to a thinly sliced organic cucumber, some red bell pepper, red onion and broccoli sprouts. It was delicious and surprisingly really filling.

Yesterdays eats:

Breakfast: superfood cherry smoothie
Lunch: cucumber pesto salad
Post workout: carrot parsley and ginger juice
Snack: banana with almond butter
Dinner: greens with yesterdays caesar salad dressing
Snack: organic apple and a boat load of seaweed

Yesterday was just a light day for working out, some shoulder supersets and yoga. I am getting FST today by an amazing friend and I am soooo excited! For anyone who has not heard of Fascial Stretch Therapy, look it up, the benefits are out of this world. And tomorrow is long run day with Husband :), very exciting.

Side note: one thing that raw foodists and vegans alike lack is B12 so make sure to supplement with it. Produce isn't what it used to be, so you have to make sure to eat a WIDE range of fruits and veggies with all the colours to make sure you're properly supplemented!

A line I thought was really nice:

What have the years written into your body?
What pattern emerged as you passed through fire?
Put your palms together, lifeline to lifeline.
Bow your head for the history you bear.

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