Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tempeh bacon sandwichio

I didn't really make much of this sandwich, but I did put it together. And it was greatness! Two slices of Ezekiel bread toasted with lots of hummus, spinach, sliced red bell pepper, and tempeh maple smoked bacon. I could have eaten ten of these sandwiches, but had to settle with just one. I will be making this again soon for sure.

I need to learn some veg chopping technique. My veggies always fall out.

I finally finished my Christmas shopping today. All I had left was Ryan and he was the hardest to shop for. Since I know that he doesn't read my blog I can tell you what I got him. I'm not sure you guys know, but he's a chef, so he's become head over heels in love with molecular gastronomy. Too bad you can't really get much of the stuff for it in Toronto. So I went with a book about the subject instead. Another "too bad". Too bad they're like 400 $ (no joke). I found one that was reasonably priced at 65$, and went with that one.  I have no idea why this cooking genre is soo expensive. The GAP was also having a 30% off everything (except jeans) sale, so I bought him 7 sweaters. He loves sweaters, so I figured I can't go wrong. I guess I lied about being finished with Christmas shopping, because I still want to get him something a little bit more thoughtful, not sure what though. I already got him Subway gift cards and those are probably a  negative 500 on the thoughtfulness scale. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

On the gym front, today I worked my legs and biceps. I've been having a lot of left shoulder pain, so I will have to be taking it easy with chest and shoulders the next few weeks.

Todays leg workout:

  • Smith machine PLIE squat, 80 lbs (12,12,12) supersetted with 3 x 24 zig-zag hops
  • Leg Press, 90lbs (12,12,12) supersetted with 15 squat jumps
  • Barbell step ups, 40 lbs (24, 24,24) supersetted with one-legged squats (3 x 15 each leg) and power lunges (3x 20 each leg)
  • Leg extension, 70 lbs (12,12,12) supersetted with tuck jumps (3 x 15)
  • Leg curl, 60 lbs (12,15,15) supersetted with split jumps (3 x20)
I didn't do cardio today because of the cardio that was involved in todays workout. I usually don't do cardio on leg days.

Anyways, I have a lot of cleaning to do to prepare for family visits and still have cookies to bake with zero time left.

Gotta' love the holidays :)

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  1. I am so exited to come for a couple days and to see you all !!!Love you !!! you already got the subway card so what should i get for him ? Love Mom xxx