Friday, December 17, 2010

Sproutastic poop

I came home from Christmas shopping to quite a surprise. There were two banana peels and a bag of expired sprouted buckwheat on the floor, and licked clean. I really hope the bears don't get sick; "Yes, doctor, the dogs ate a bag of sprouted buckwheat". How weird would that be? They seem to be okay so far, and Gigi has a stomach of steel. A good example is that today, while wrapping presents, every sticker that I peeled off presents, she ate :)

I actually took today as a rest day and it feels horrible. I know rest days are very necessary to muscle development and overall health, but it makes me feel soooooo unproductive and lazy.

Anyhow, I just ate a banana scramble with lots of honey in it. I ended up just eating honey out of the jar with my finger after, maybe I was Winnie the Pooh in another life.

Some before-work eats:

Raw Pad-Thai on zucchini noodles. SOOOO DELICIOUS!
 Right now I'm rockin' out to Yeah Yeah Yeah's Heads Will Roll and I'm feeling so overly ambitious that I just signed up for a FULL marathon next summer. Wooo! I hope the training goes as well for me next year as it did for last year. But training for a full is probably a lot different than training for a half. I will let you know how it goes :)

Well, I've got to get my clean on. There will be a lot of family visiting so it's best to start now, instead of waiting till' 2 oclock Sunday when family is expected at 3 (this is what usually happens).

Have a great day everyone! And let's hope the bears don't have sprouting poop when I come home from work.

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