Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bad idea

It was a very bad idea to eat the above meal for breakfast, and then go to the gym and run. A supper for breakfast in itself is bad, so running on it was even worse. I had intended to run for 40 minutes (20 minute steady pace, 20 minute HIIT) and had to keep telling myself, "just 2 more minutes". Finally I couldn't handle it anymore and threw in the towel at 37 minutes. So close but so far. The happiness of completing my goal just wasn't worth the feeling of wanting to throw up.

I also worked on my chest :)

The breakfast was tasty though. It was baked salmon, sweet potatoes, and asparagus. I put all of it in the oven at the same time. The salmon and asparagus were in a dish covered with tinfoil though, and the salmon was laying on top of lemon slices.

Now I have to get ready for work really quickly while trying to guzzle down my nasty smoothie (bad nasty, not good nasty). I put apple in the smoothie this time and it ended up tasting like one giant froth ball.

Some work snackage:

A bowl of mixed fruit (blueberries, raspberries, and banana). Steel cut oats in unsweetened soy yogurt, with manuka honey, and  sprouted buckwheat. On a side note, I LOVE HONEY. It's up there with chocolate, maybe even a tie.

Talk later! :)

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