Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fruit plate

Since I ate all of that delicious stew, and couldn't, for the life of me, think of anything to cook for dinner, I had a ginormous fruit plate. At least there's always fruit, right. You know that feeling when you're so hungry and so tired that you can't even gather up enough energy to cook something? That was me tonight. That's where the fruit plate came from. If you ask me though, it still required too much work.

This fruit plate consisted of an organic gala apple, asian pear (so tasty), a banana, sunflower seed butter, and a few grapes. Lately I've been on a total banana kick, I don't know if its because they're super sweet and I have a sweet tooth, or just because they're easy. Whatever the reason, I'm going with it. Munching on a banana is much preferred to munching on chocolate :) I think preferred was the wrong word there.  Always make sure to buy the organic bananas, the things they do to non-organic bananas is horrendous (wrapping them with bags and ripening them with toxic gases).

I worked on my chest today (added 10 lbs to my total bench press weight), and did a 30 minute HIIT workout on the stairmill. I was planning to run on the treadmill and play with the incline, but I hurt my pinky toe the other night at work. Hopefully it's back to normal tomorrow, my legs are aching to run! (weird, I know). But while on the topic of strength training, I totally love it, but man does it wear you out. I have never been this tired, ever. I sleep enough (maybe not well enough though, the dogs sleep with us), and feel like I eat more than enough. I am almost tempted on a daily basis to buy coffee, and I despise coffee. I am a full believer that coffee is an energy borrower--> you might get the energy when you drink it, but it's being borrowed from a future time. I was thinking about meeting with a nutritionist, or even reading more about it, to see if I am indeed eating enough, and enough of the right things. Anyhow, I have to think of something else to eat, fruit goes right through you.

I'll post pictures of whatever it is I eat, be it cereal or something crazy intricate (probably less likely).

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  1. You are so funny about the fruit plate! and you are the health's woman i know and getting more stronger every day !! Love Mom xoxoxo