Monday, December 13, 2010

Leg work

Today was legs, and boy are they sore right now. Not only are they muscle sore, but my right foot is in a lot of real pain. While doing single leg deadlifts, I dropped a 25 lb dumbbell on the top of my foot. Awesome :)

My leg workout today:
  • Smith machine lunges, 70 lbs (12 each leg)x4
  • Superset with split jumps, 20 x4
  • Leg Press, 90 lbs (12)x4
  • Superset with squat jumps 15x4
  • Single leg deadlifts, 25 lbs (12 each leg)x4
  • Superset with barbell step ups on high bench, 40 lbs (24)x4
  • Machine leg curl, 55 lbs (12)x4
  • Superset with balance ball leg curl (12)x4
  • Machine leg extension, 70 lbs (10)x4
  • Superset with tuck jumps, 12 x4
I was sweating quite a bit during this workout, but it felt great. I hurt my right foot halfway through and kept going. I probably shouldn't have because I may have just screwed myself now :(

Today is my works "customer appreciation day" where everyone gets free booze and food and our tips go to charity, so hopefully my foot will feel better. I already packed my snacks, just incase I am well enough to go :)

I packed some cucumber slices, organic blueberries, two clementines, delicious banana, and a Vega Vibrancy Bar.

Now I'm off to eat some of the peanuty stew from yesterday and some scrambled eggs. Weird mix, but it's what I'm craving.

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