Monday, October 11, 2010

Yasso 800's

I had such a great track workout today. I did a "Yasso 800's workout". Essentially, whatever time you think you can do a marathon in, you make that into your 800 time. So I want to do a marathon in 4 hours next summer, so I did 5 x 800 at 4 minutes.

My first 800 was 3:37. The next were, 3:41, 3:43, 3:43, 3:37. I really pushed myself and it felt awesome. 800's used to be my least favourite distance in highschool because it felt like a super long sprint. But I think over the years i've learnt to pace myself. I went a bit slower on the first 400's then harder on the second.

The total distance, including my warmup and cooldown was 7.75 km, in 45 minutes. I can't tell the total calories I burnt because the Garmin website is down.

I was excited to be finished!!

Now its time for some cooking!

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