Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh the things you'll do

Things I did today:

  • Went to a Toronto Raptors V.S. Phoenix Sun's Game --> Steve Nash =AMAZING!
  • Watched Karate Kid (made me want to learn Kung Fu)
  • Went mountain biking (sooooo much more fun than road biking, i'm still a chicken, but i'll get better)
  • Brought the puppers out for a walk
  • Ate a fallafel
  • Ate vegetable fried rice
  • Prepared for my track workout tomorrow (I really just wrote it out)
  • Ate lots of carrots with hummus
All in all, my day was pretty great! It had me thinking, " wow, I think I want to be a basketball player/mountain biker/ Kung Fu master". We'll see which one happens :)

Can't wait to finally get my cooking on tomorrow!

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