Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Peer Pressure

Beware, this might be a rant.

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So, last December I decided not to drink for the rest of my life. I was never much of a drinker anyways, but I had the occasional "slurred-words-can't-walk-" kind of time. It was when I started analyzing the motivations behind drinking that I really started to dislike it. It seems that people are unable to have a really good time unless alcohol is involved. In my belief, if you need alcohol to make you anything other than your normal self (ie., happier, outgoing, energetic, less shy etc.) than you need to do some serious soul searching and understand why you're ingesting a poison to make  yourself act different. I used to drink because it made me more fun and talkative. And if I would have kept using alcohol as a crutch to my funness, then maybe I would have become an alcoholic, you never know. On a side note, you always end up just peeing the money  you spent away, and waking up with a headache and bad skin. Why we do this to ourselves? No clue. I also don't understand why it is that we're putting something that our body doesn't want into it. Do you think your body wakes up one morning and says yes!- I want some fermented products that slows down my brain processing and invades my blood stream? I don't think so. There is no question about it, if you had to choose between drinking orange juice and a martini, your body should be having the orange juice. Yeah, there might be some scientific evidence that says some wine is good for you, but no one can say that your body deserves a glass of wine over a Little Health Monster Skintastic Smoothie; no way. It's my belief that we only have one body, so we better make damn sure that everything we put in it is the best possible choice we have. Health is wealth they say. And by that quote, I want to be Bill Gates.

What spurred this whole topic was last nights work "Girls Night Out", which boys ended up crashing. I work in the service industry, where pretty much anyone is a heavy drinker. So it's a bit weird for everyone to hang out with me because i'm a non-drinking vegan. I was finally invited to this event because they thought that I might drink. So I decided, hey, why not, i'll have a couple. The way I was treated was extremely different when compared to the non-drinking, and drinking Marianne. So yes, I gave into peer pressure, and they had a much better time with me. But you know what, I didn't have that great of a time with everyone else. I mean, yeah, I had a wonderful time spending time with everyone, but if it was my choice, we'd be munching on popcorn all watching a movie. I like everyone's sober version so much more.So by the end of the night, everyone was a more outgoing version of themselves. I liked the old versions better. The same thing applies to my boyfriend. He drinks in excess a bit too often for my liking, but he claims he needs it because work is stressful (which is a whole other matter I don't want to get into). He changes from a wonderful person into a crazy-screaming-obscenities-weird person, and  I really just can't comprehend why anyone would want to do this to themselves.

Maybe it's just like with veganism. People are so used to rationalizing and looking the other way that they just think, well everyone else does it, so it has to be okay. Just because everyone else does it, does not make it okay, everyone else is just really stupid. Alot of Toronto people don't wear helmets, and dont hold doors open for anyone, and smoke, and eat fast food, but i've done my research, I know that I don't want to do those things.

So in conclusion, hehehe, I think people should do a quick mental check of why it is they are drinking and what they want to accomplish with it.

On a side note, my camera is currently not working, but I will get everything back up and running properly on here very soon!!

P.S. I do not mean in any way to offend anyone from this post. These are just my views, and they were written at a time when I was semi-angry.


  1. I totally agree about the drinking!!! it screw you up and people look so stupid when they drunk !! i see it every night at the casino when the bars close and they all come in to gamble !!!

  2. Good for you! I stopped drinking 6 1/2 years ago too. I never waste a day and I'm always there - with a clear mind - when my children need me. Lately I've considered having a drink of my old favourite cocktails when I'm out with friends but then by the time th waitress gets there I just say 'water please' lol. I've left it open, if I feel like a drink, I'm allowed one but I'm still waiting for the day I take the plunge. Enjoy life alcohol free! Because it's totally fun :D