Wednesday, October 6, 2010

French toast for breakfast!

I made some amazing french toast with chocolate chips this morning! I have this mix that I found at a health food store called Kokimo Foods French Toast Mix. You just add water, and it's gluten free, and vegan. It's made with mung bean, and brown rice flour. It's quite tasty. I topped it off with fresh strawberries, and maple syrup.

At the gym today, I did 35 minutes of power walking on an incline of 12.5. My average speed was 3.7 mph. It was really hard, and really got my hamstrings and calves working! I met up with my trainer afterwards and he totally kicked my butt. I don't even remember what we did, lots of assisted pull ups, and burpees (I hate burpees).

I got home and heated up some of that walnut loaf from yesterday, with some homemade baked sweet potato fries. They were crispy, sweet, juicy, and so yummy!

The green stuff is Ryan's home made vegetable pure/gravy.
He put too much thyme into the gravy but won't admit it. Hehe.
Now I'm off to work and I'm feeling so tired. I think I need a green tea pick-me-up!!

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  1. Mium Mium !!French toast my favorite!! I could eat those for breakfast every day !! mmmm Maple sirop !!! Strawberry !!! xoxoxoMom