Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Busy beaver

I can't believe it's the 82nd  Little Health Monster post already! Time goes so fast!

I have been extremely busy these past few days, and haven't had a chance to post anything! I promise you that nothing I ate was worth posting  anyways. My diet included pies, cookies, chocolate, etc. So today I had to make up for all of this binging, and kick my own butt at the gym. I did a 3 mile tempo run, and a 1 hour spin class. It felt so good to sweat again!!

My two fur babies!  Lola got a haircut and now she thinks she's even more of a princess than usual. Just look at the look shes giving!
I don't know why I do this, but with exercise and diet, it's really an all-or-nothing deal for me. If I start eating crappy for one day, then the rest of the day I have to eat horrible, and I can't exercise either. It just feels useless to exercise if I'm eating shitty. I know this makes no sense, but in my head at those times, it's the only thing that makes sense. I think this may be considered binging, since I try to stuff my face with all the horrible things I want to eat before the next day starts. Then I promise myself that in the new day, I will start fresh and eat completely healthy! This usually works, but this week the bad days just kept going. I blame it on the half marathon, and how it drained me. But I'm not too worried about it, I live a very healthy lifestyle, so I know I will get back on track soon enough. Right?  Anyone else a binger?

So, today for breakfast I had a toasted Ezekiel english muffin with almond buttah, and a bowl of organic strawberries. I always try to buy organic for berries, even though they're insanely priced. At this one grocery store by my house I get lucky sometimes, because they mis-label the organic berries, so you get the regular berry price! Score!

A great morning start for a great day! I will let you know what the rest of the day brings! Health and fresh food I hope!

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