Monday, October 11, 2010

90% Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

I made so many things, so I will just post the pictures with a small caption. I will let you know all of the recipes tomorrow! Maybe by then my food baby will be gone! :)

Our nicely set table!
The beginnings of a great mushroom gravy.

My warm apple cider with cinnamon.

Ryan's potato and cucumber salad

Vegan ceasar salad with homemade croutons.

Mushroom gravy

White bean and walnut bruschetta.

Vegan cream cheese and spinach stuffed creminis.

King crab--> The 10% non-vegan part that Ryan had.

My other fur baby.

Garlic and white bean mash with lots of vegan butter.

So excited for dinner.

The most amazing pumpkin pie, with a chocolate crust, and crunchy/sugared pecans on top!

I had two slices, even though I was too full for the first one.

Just looking at those dishes makes me feel depressed. See you in the AM!


  1. Your table look amazing !! so beautiful!! and the food look so good ,i wish i could been there!! You and Ryan look happy !! Happy thanksgiving again !!!!!Mom xoxo

  2. That pie looks divine! In fact I googled the creminis too. The mash...omg yum. Are the recipes on this blog? If yes, can you point me in the right direction? If not would you add them or email me them? Thank you, loving your blog :D