Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Veggie walnut loaf

I did it! I ate healthy for the rest of the day! I munched on a whole cantaloupe (although it was sweet, it still wasn't cookies and cake sweet, but it'll have to do), some baked pita triangles with homemade hummus, organic grapes, and some strawberries.

I cranked up my Itunes playlist and started cooking. A couple times I had to stop as I broke out into dance and the dogs just stared at me like I was going nuts. The cooking continued and out popped OhSheGlows walnut loaf, and my own homemade gravy! I made OhSheGlows gravy, but it tasted tres terrible, like I had drank a tub of molasses, so I made my own with just plain ol' veggies and cornstarch.

This recipe required 9 slices of whole grain bread! Yippee! An awesome recipe for carbo's (carb addicts) like me!
The full recipe can be found here.  I followed the loaf recipe exactly, so I won't repeat it here. I wouldn't recommend the gravy though, for reasons I just wrote. Instead, I will post the awesome gravy that I made when I figure out what proportions I put in it! YUM YUM!

Walnuts getting ready for toasting! The recipe is mainly bread and walnuts, awesome!
Some of the walnuts weren't so lucky and got burnt. I got the new episode of Lie To Me, so I forgot about cooking. Oops.
The smell of burnt walnuts is not a good one.

I tried to get a pictures of myself with the loaves.
My kitchen after the cooking. Yikes!
The loaf with the bad gravy. Pictures of the loaf with the good gravy to come!
I added some sauteed veggies with a bit of oregano, cayene, garlic powder, mustard powder, and salt & pepper.

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