Saturday, June 9, 2012

you are so much more than you imagine

No pictures today sorry!

Saturdays are my favourite days, Husband and I do something athletic in the morning, go for sushi and then usually see a movie. Today we woke up, didnt feel like running, so did an awesome gym workout and then topped it off with a carrot and ginger juice. Then we headed to sushi, which rocked my socks, and headed home to relax. We brought the dogs for a nice big walk where lola did her miniature poop and we sort of pretended to pick it up (forgot a bag ),  and had a really great day.

One important thing that we did today was register for my certified culinary raw food expert program! I am sooo darn excited. I start in September and I am beyond happy about it. Never before have I found a program so catered to my likes and passions. Thank-you karma!

When I was reading into the program details I saw that I will have to host a 10 person dinner party and take photographs of the event! How amazing is that as a homework assignment. Husband will definitely be enjoying the fruits of my courses labour in the next coming months (homemade raw meals ALL THE TIME).

For the program I have to write a 2 page essay about how this program will work for me and what I hope to get out of it, so I will be posting it on the blog once it is completed.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend!

One of my friends posted a great paragraph on his facebook and I thought I would mention it here:

"Having the courage to overcome perceived limitations is the first step, but it cannot be the final for it is essentially an oppositional advance. To truly reframe your potential, you must avoid defining yourself as merely capable of what others say you aren't. And move on to defining your potential by what you have not yet imagined you are. You are so much more than beyond the limits other perceive you to have. You are beyond what you can currently imagine."

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  1. I love it and so exited to see you doing what you love to do !!! Cant wait to see you Little Monster !!! Mom xxxxxxx