Sunday, June 17, 2012

New dishes!

Great and hearty breakfast food to come!

I was so excited yesterday as Husband and I made our trek to Ikea to get new dishes! I love kitchen stuff, I could spend a year in any kitchen store.

These dishes go to show how much Husband loves me. He doesn't seem to mind eating out of pink and flowery dishes :)

Husband is trying to cut about 10 lbs for his Jiujitsu competition so after eating a strawberry or an egg he looks at me and says "Is this going to make me fat?". The role's here feel so wrong and reversed. He woke up this morning and said, "I think I ate too much yesterday I am 156 this morning and yesterday I was 155.6, I gained weight". I just rolled my eyes Im pretty sure. I am so thankful that this is only for a week. A man that eats less than you and constantly wonders if it is going to make him fat is very disorienting.

Needless to say, he woke up at the break of dawn this morning and went for a trail run on an empty stomach. So obviously, I munched on this bad boy, a "no-carb" persons nightmare--or dream.

Overnight oats with chia seeds, homemade almond mylk, little bit of maple syrup, shredded dried coconut, strawberries, almond butter, and walnuts.

Delicious! And it keeps me full for a very long time!

Yesterday I did some hill sprints, because I thought that doing a longer run would tire my legs out for legs day today at the gym. But I have no idea where that logic came from or if I got second hand high from weed smokers or something, but either the way, the logic didn't work. My legs are more sore then they would have been from a longer run. But I will work them out anyways! Strong legs don't come from laying around on the couch all day!

What else helps you get a strong lean shape? When you're hungry at night, don't eat cookies! Eat a salad!

Night-time salad pictures are awful, sorry.

The salad had mixed greens, sunflower sprouts, sunflower seeds, red bell pepper, cucumber, almond parmesan, hemp hearts and a store bought raw dressing--> I was feeling lazy.

A pretty solid salad dressing, I'd highly recommend it.

Now off to do legs! As always with me, expect some heavy squats, moderately heavy deadlifts and some structure unilateral leg work!

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