Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend blast

Yesterday was such an eventful day for the dogs and myself that I'm surprised we all didn't konk out at 8 pm.

Husband and I both started the day off with my raw apple cinnamon bread topped with raw almond butter and mango chunks!

We brought the fur faces for a nice long walk, and then we headed to the gym. We kicked our own butts! I was sweating a disgusting amount.

We then came home and had a smoothie.

Sunwarrior protein, spinach, pollen, frozen cherries, organic banana, water, cacao, coconut water.

After the delicious smoothie we ran out the door with the dogs and went to Woofstock! Basically a person who hates crowds-worst nightmare (aka. me). But the dogs and Husband had a good time.

Ladies...try not to pet the handsome man on your computer screen

Doggies in the mister...dogs seemed to like it! Cools them down.

And myself with the fur babies:

We then went home, had a salad, and went right back out to play frisbee in the park for two hours. 

Lola went for a swim in the little pond.

Ignore my Quasimodo like posture.

What a great day and amazing weekend. Hope everyone had a good one as well!

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