Saturday, June 30, 2012

Liquid Breakfast- and single leg exercises for fundamentals

Breakfast today was in two glasses:

On the right is a smoothie with : spinach, kale, ginger, celery, cherries, banana, phytoplankton, pollen, sprouted chia powder, and water.

On the left is my first attempt at making vitamin water: water infused with mint leaves, watermelon, squeezed lichee, blueberries, and squeezed lime.

Not too bad for my first attempt.

My legs are very sore today from Tuesday and Friday's leg workout. I think I overdid it this week, so my legs didn't have a chance to recuperate properly. Tisk tisk.

One thing that everyone should remember, is before you go into any double arm or double leg exercise, you should work on strengthening the arm or leg individually first to make sure it is okay for the a full squat or bench press.

My squat has been pretty shitty lately, hip sway, knees buckling, so I've gone back to the basics and am building my squat back up.

I did light straight legged deadlifts, superseted with split squats. Then I did dumbell front squats with a pause in the bottom and making sure that my legs didn't cave in by actively pressing them out (boy did my glutes feel this), and superseted these with weightless walking lunges (50 of them). I then did Poliquin step ups on each leg, superseted with 15 broad jumps (as far as I could jump, and then land in a squat and jump again).

Right now my workouts are a bit different, I've come away from the lower rep strength and hypertrophy work and brought myself to a more endurance phase of 20 + reps. I have never really done this before, and with all my training education you'd think I would realize that I should take my own advice sometimes and not do the same workout for 2 + years. The higher reps is very different, and hard in a different way, I am finding it very challenging. And with new challenges come new results in my physique! Wooo woo!

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