Thursday, June 7, 2012

bowl of goodness

I was speaking to a man at a health shoppe today about how spirulina gives me headaches, and he explained that it is just a sign that I am detoxing and that I should continue to take it. I tried to research both sides of the story but can't find anything concrete proving or disproving that theory. He said that I can handle two weeks of headaches for a deep detox, but those headaches were awful! I wasn't able to function and turned into a husband killer. So if anybody knows anything about spirulina and signs of detoxing, let me know!

Breakfast today was a bit of everything

Some dehydrated buckwheat, chia seeds, hemp hearts, unsweetened coconut and.........

.......raw oats, banana, walnuts, agave, and homemade chocolate almond mylk!

A delicious bowl of goodness

The chocolate mylk was made extra delicious by the addition of some creamy coconut milk, and lots of dates of course.

Todays Eats:

Breakfast: The bowl you saw above
Lunch: raw tomato gazpacho, kale caesar salad from Live
Snack: coconut water
Dinner: salad with hemp hearts, raw tortilla, and lemon shallot dressing + one vegan chocolate chip cookie
Snack: havent had it yet, but am considering a cucumber salad or apple + almond butter

I ran 20 minutes today on the treadmill to ease my shins into it, and 20 minutes on the badass stair master. Dangit that thing makes you sweat. I also spent 45 minutes working on my shoulders and triceps :) I love when I can do strict barbell shoulder presses with the same weight that guys have to push press. Ohhhh the boost to my ego.

It may look like I'm not eating alot from what I've been posting, and if you'd have shown me this 6 months ago I would have agreed that it wasn't. But, it is for me now. I'm not dropping weight like crazy, it's going off quite slowly, and I am never hungry and never deprive myself ( hence why I eat so many sea weed snacks). Because I'm eating such nutrient dense food, my body doesn't send me all these hunger signals to keep eating so that it can get the nutrients it needs. My body is happy with what I am giving it. The fact that I don't crave sweets is just amazing, my mother probably won't believe it until she sees me pass up on a dessert. Raw is really working for me :)

And you know what I realized today? RAW stands for " REALLY AMAZING WIFE"

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  1. Wow really !! you able to say NO to desert !! This is awesome,I think i am a RAW person also :) yeahhhh !! you are so funny and i will always love your wonderful sense of humor and we certainly need some of it in are life , you always amaze me my beautiful daughter! and P.S Greg is a lucky man to have find you because you are one of a kind :) Love you xoxo MOM