Friday, June 15, 2012

Smoothie double time

Today I had two smoothies. Sometimes they are just the easiest way to get the "good stuff" in your system, and require the least amount of time--> unless you have a ridiculously  hard blender to clean. Then you should just throw in the towel.

Smoothie numero uno:
Cherries, coconut water, coconut milk, spinach, cucumber, sunwarrior protein, ginger.

Smoothie numero dos:
The flash gave this one a weird pumpkin colour. But no pumpkins were harmed in the making of this!
Banana, cacao, homemade almond mylk, bee pollen, spinach, water, "Oceans Alive".

I love "Ocean's Alive", and Husband does too. It gives you crazy Hulk-ish energy that sustains you for hours. I started taking maca powder as well, not for the libido boost, but for the hormonal regulation. I know that something my body has struggled with for a while, and continues to do so is manage my hormones properly. I go from super happy to a cookie eating depressed rage to crying and wanting to workout. It's all very odd, Husband thinks its all part of being a woman, but I know it's not right. With all the ways the environment makes us produce too much estrogen its no wonder my hormones are out of whack.

So maca is a great way to regulate your hormones. It is an all-natural tuber from Peru, and it also gives you some energy as well.

One of today's meals. Homemade raw banana bread, almond butter, strawberries (the good kind that aren't the size of a goiter) and coconut.

This banana bread brings new meaning to the term banana bread, it is literally just dehydrated bananas.

Raw Banana Bread:

4 cups of chopped organic banana (when it comes to bananas, always buy organic)
1/8 cup raw agave
1 tbsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp sea salt
2 cups ground sprouted flax (I used flax/chia mix)
1/2 cup sliced dates or other dried fruit

Food process the banana, agave, cinnamon and salt. Transfer to a mixing bowl and then add in flax and sliced dates. Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes so that the flax can thicken the mixture. Spread onto your dehydrator sheets. Dehydrate for 12-16 hours at 105. Flip after about 12 hours! Enjoy!


This is how I felt today:

I went for a run outside today, about 6 km, and holy crap was it hot out. I am very slow to get moving in the morning. I read blogs for about an hour, eat my breakfast like a bird, and then sit and stare out the window while pulling split ends off of my hair for 2 hours. It's really a huge waste of time, but it's my routine!Gotta' get out of that one. The point of that story was that I didn't get to running until about 12:30, so the sun was in full out "I want to burn you and make you regret wearing black" mode.  I finished the run after much cursing about why there was no damn shade on my route and why there were soooo many people walking 8 people abreast on the sidewalk. Come on people!

But it's done and I feel great!

Hope everyone is having a great day :
I am definitely jealous of my mom who is off in the south enjoying some much deserved R&R.

Oh! And be on the lookout for a guest post Monday from Husband! Hopefully he's prepared a 10 page essay on why I am so amazing ;)


  1. Should take at least 20 pages, don't you think?!

  2. I agree with Sarah and he will for sure have sore fingers from writing so much !! :) Marylyn xoxo