Sunday, June 3, 2012

Only kale can save us now...

It was a smoothie day today! Kale, asparagus, apple, carrot, pollen and agave!

I made two amazing things today!

1) Banana Soft Serve with a chocolate drizzle

Take some frozen bananas, break them up, freeze them overnight then process the heck out of them! It doesn't seem like its working at first, but keep doing it. It will turn smooth and fluffy soon!

Add some chocolate drizzle, aka ( 2tbsp agave + 1 tbsp cocoa) and enjoy!

2) Power date bars

1 cup pitted dates
1/8 cup cashews
1/8 cup almonds
1/8 cup walnuts
1.5 tbsp cacao powder
1/8 cup water
1.5 tbsp agave
pinch sea salt

Food process all ingredients. Flatten out then refrigerate for two hours between parchment paper. When set cut into bars! Refrigerate until you eat them. Top with things you love, like goji berries, coconut, husbands...etc...

Ran 9 km with Husband yesterday in about 43 minutes! Shins are a bit sore now, but it was well worth it.

Hope everyone had a great weekend :) More great weekends to come!

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