Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thrive Diet

I've been reading this amazing book by the creator of Vega products (which I love), Brendan Brazier.

Everything that he speaks about in the book makes complete sense. He is an Ironman triathlete and he follows a mostly raw, strict vegan diet.  I'd read about the benefits of eating raw, but it didn't really hit me until reading this book. Your body uses energy to digest the foods you put into your body, the more wholesome the food, the less energy your body puts into digestion, and the more energy your body gets to keep from the food. This means that your body has to spend less time recovering from tough workouts, and more time enhancing your immune system, building lean muscle, etc. I already had an idea about his whole concept before, but he really explains it well. I highly recommend this to everyone.

My training went well today. I worked on my legs and abs. My right butt hurts so bad right now, it stiffens up if I sit for too long. I figured a short easy run would help, and it did, but hopefully I won't pay for it tomorrow. :(

  • Smith machine lunge, one warmup set with no added weight, 50 lbs x 12 each leg, 70 lbs (12,12)
  • Jumping split squats 3 x (25,25,25)---> boy did my legs burn here
  • One leg stiff legged dead lift, 20 lbs x 15, 25 lbs (15,15), with 15 speed squats between each set
  • Hack squat, 70 lbs (12,12,12,12), with step ups between sets (10 on each leg)
  • Plank with arm touching to the opposite arm, 40 (so 20 each side) with 20 second plank hold X 3
  • Cable crunch with rope, 30 lbs x 15, 40 lbs x 15, 60 lbs (15, 20)
  • Weighted decline crunch, 10 lbs (15, 14, 15)
  • Weighted incline side crunch, 10 lbs (15,15,15)
As I mentioned, I went for a run later in the evening to loosen up my legs. I did 5.07 km in 29 minutes. Gigi had lots of fun on this run too, though she wasn't going as fast (thankfully!).

Things I ate today:
  • Banana
  • Vega protein powder (during workout)
  • Green tea
  • Two of my chickpea fallafel patties
  • Large spinach salad with baked tofu, red pepper, cucumber and onion, with squeezed lemon as the dressing
  • Gala apple with loads of almond butter
  • Piece of my lasagna from last night
  • Handful of apple chips
  • Lots of water
  • Glass of vega protein instant smoothie powder (different from earlier)
  • Handful of almonds
  • One red bell pepper with hummus
My chocolate protein smoothie with dinner

Extra delicious lasagna.

Now I'm just hoping that with all my hard work, one day I will look like my favourite figure pro, Nicole Wilkins Lee :)


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  1. Wow!! she look just like me !! he!he!he! with all the work-out you do! for sure you will look like her even better !!! love Mom xxx