Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm back!

Hello everyone! Sorry that I haven't posted. I've been working doubles, triples, quadruples. It feels like I haven't even been home. I have been keeping up with healthy eating and lots of strength training though.  I actually did my own spin class the other day which was pretty cool. Since it's pretty late, I'm only going to post about the food tonight, and i'll post about my training tomorrow.
The above pictures are of this amazing raw sprouted granola! I am totally on a raw/sprouted kick lately, and I am loving the way it makes me feel.

The benefits of eating raw foods are pretty self-explanatory. You're eating foods that are in their easiest state to digest, and you are getting 100% of all that food has to offer, all of the enzymes and nutrients that cooking would normally denature.

My friend took me to Rawlicious for my birthday and it was UHHHMAZING! I tried to convince my mom to come to it when she visits but she just said, "I don't want to eat raw food, its raw". So i'll have to show her how great it is when she comes up.

A green smoothie of course, banana, spinach, pineapple, spirulina.

Buckwheat pizza with a pine nut Parmesan. It was amazing!
When I came home from work tonight I really wanted to eat something breakfasty, since I hadn't eaten all night, and I came up with a granola type bowl with soy yogurt, strawberries and banana.

 I took organic rolled oats, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds,  and sprouted buckwheat/quinoa, and tossed it in some soy yogurt! It was very tasty!

See you in the morning with all of my great workouts!

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  1. For sure i will try the raw food it look pretty healthy!!! Love you little monster !!! Mom xxx