Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I had an amazing birthday this year. There was lunch at Fresh with my mom, my haircut, dinner at Fressen with my mom and Ryan, and lots of vegan sweets! Score!

Started the morning off with a 7 am gym run. I figured I should workout to offset all that I was about to eat!

Breakfast was Ezekiel bread with apple butter and banana.

Waiting for our food at Fresh. I actually ate so much food that I felt extremely sick after. :(

Cookies, miso burgers, zucchini and lentil soups, cucumber/ ginger/carrot/lemon/apple juices, coffee, etc.

Best gifts ever from Ryan. The Mens Health Gym Bible, and the Everything Running Book.

The most amazing Vanilla cake from LPKs Culinary Groove. Thank's Ryan!
Some nice Rose at Fressen. It was so dark in that restaurant that I couldn't take pictures of our food. I was too embarrassed to use a flash and blind everyone. But the meals were delicious. I had a creamed corn pasta, my mom had a spelt pesto linguine, and Ryan had a black bean seitan steak, which was so amazing. The service was great. And at the end of the night they gave us all of their leftover homemade olive bread!

And my hair:

Did a shoulder workout this morning, now I'm off to work. More desserts and a run later!



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