Sunday, November 28, 2010


You know you're a health nut when you eat brussel sprouts as a bed-time snack. Or you just really like brussel sprouts :)

I steamed them, after soaking them, cutting the bottoms off and cleaning them, then topped them with lots of cayenne and sea salt!

My whole lifestyle seems like its changing lately. It's geared more towards gaining muscle. I just love the feeling of getting stronger and seeing great results. Already I can do lateral shoulder raises with 12 pounds each arm, as opposed to 8. I can also curl 20 lbs per bicep now, as opposed to the 15 I've been doing.  I think I just have to get a little bit back into cardio now, to lean out a bit more.

I've been keeping up on my protein too. I have a Vega Smoothie Powder shake before bed, with a bit of almond milk and 1 tbsp chia seeds (they help keep you full longer). If I don't have the shake before bed, I'll wake up hungry and won't be able to fall back asleep, or dream about really bad foods, and then feel completely dissatisfied with breakfast. I don't put flax seeds into my smoothies because I just recently learnt that your body cant digest the seed on it's own, it needs to be in powder form!

Well, I have the night off, so I'm going to watch a movie and then hit the hay. I've got cardio, back, and abs tomorrow!


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  1. Well little monster !! you are a healthy one and those brussel sprouts look good !!! Keep up the good work !!!! Mom xoxo