Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Harry Potter

I saw the newest Harry Potter movie today and it was great! Some people said it was slow moving, and that nothing much happened, but I thought it was perfect. Sometimes I wish they would make some movies longer. I loved the books so much that I could watch a 20 hour movie and still love it. I wish they would have done that for LOTR.

Today I did a really great chest workout. I got it out of Muscle & Fitness Magazine. Ryan finds it weird that I'm more excited about the newest Muscle & Fitness Magazine then I am about any "girly" magazines.

My morning chest workout:

  • Dumbbell incline press 20 lbs each arm (12,12,12,12) After last set superset with incline flyes to failure
  • Bench press (smith) 40 lbs (12), 60 lbs (10,10). Last set you superset with pushups to failure.
  • Smith incline press, 40 lbs (12), 50 lbs (10,10). Superset flyes (same as above)
  • Dumbbell decline press, 20 lbs each arm (12,12,12). Superset with pushups to failure.
  • Machine flyes, 40 lbs, 2 sets of 25
After downing my Vega shake I went to the treadmill. I wasn't looking forward to doing any running (lately I've been in a running rut), but I got my butt on there and did it. I did 40 minutes, 4 miles, and 550 calories. Instead of doing speed intervals, I played with the incline. I did a 5 minute warmup, then 30 minutes of (2 minutes at 6.0 incline, and 3 minutes at 1.0 incline, all while at 10 mph). It was a great workout. I actually had to stop in the middle for a breather.

I came home and made myself a bowl of whatever I could find in the fridge.

The ingredients: walnuts, sunflower sprouts, hemp seeds, cucumber, tomato, red pepper, onion, rice, hummus, cayenne.

The base: brown rice with hummus, and cayenne.

Now add the rest!

It was mighty delicious. I'm craving sweets right now, so I'm trying to do stuff to distract myself. Writting about it really doesn't help :)    I think i'll try to brush my teeth, that usually helps.

Tomorrow the plan is to work on my legs, since I don't have to go to work after. I always do legs on the worst possible days.



  1. I'm glad you like the Harry Potter movie , good luck on your legs workout, have a great day !!!! Mom xoxo

  2. Have fun at your lunch with uncle Sam !! mium mium !!! Say hy to Sam for me !!!!