Monday, November 15, 2010

As promised, though a day late

Little Lola Bear
My spin routine: Every number means a different song. I'll adapt what I want to do for that song to the song length. If the song is 3:26, i'll just go easy till' 3:15 then go from there.
  1. Warm up, 3 gear changes, keep up speed
  2. Hill, 6 changes,  15 second sprint, 45 second normal speed. During 45 second part, up the gear once. Repeat.
  3. Speed, 70 % effort + 30 sec sprints, 30 sec normal speed. 3 gear changes
  4. Interval, put one full rotation on for 15 seconds, then take it off for 30. Repeat.
  5. Hill, 30 second seated, 30 second standing, 4 gear changes
  6. Hill, steady climb with 5 gear changes
  7. Interval, 70% effort with 10 second sprint and 20 second recovery
  8. Interval, one full rotation up, 3/4 down, repeat x 4
  9. Interval, 6 changes, put on gear and sprint for 20 seconds, then relax for 30 and add next gear.
  10. Hill, 30 second seated, 30 second standing sprint, 5 changes.
  11. Cool down
I actually enjoy doing my own spin class more than going to a class. I've been noticing some really great improvements lately with my physique too. I am pretty sure I owe it 90% to strength training.  I want to tell all those girls in the gym that only do cardio that they are wasting so much time! Strength training really is the way to go.

Things I ate in the last few days:

Spinach salad with sprouted lentils and chickpeas

I made two spelt pizzas, one with my cashew cheese (on the left), and one with Daiya Mozzarella.  After Ryan and I both tasted them. The cashew cheese definitely one. Daiya tastes way too fake, and doesn't have as wholesome ingredients.

Add a few tablespoons of nutritional yeast to your sauce, it tastes amazing.

Homemade sauce with some brown rice noodles, mushrooms, and bell peppers.
I went for a run this morning before the gym. But I didn't wake up early enough to eat before hand so I ran on an empty stomach. Bad idea. I felt horrible the whole run. I did 7 km in 39 minutes and it was torture. Felt like I was running a marathon.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I plan on eating lots and lots of vegan sweets, so I am having a very intense weights sesh and HIIT on the treadmill in the morning to make up for it! See you tomorrow with lots of yummy birthday pictures!!

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