Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My addiction

This photograph is spot on! I dreamt about poutine last night, that's how bad I was craving it. I convinced Ryan to ride our bikes half an hour to get it for breakfast. We got there, and they were out of vegan cheese! Noooo!! So I had to settle for fries and vegan gravy. It was still delicious, but the vegan cheese made it so much better.

I've been hearing so many people rave about this vegan cheese called Daiya. So today I went on a quest to find some. I usually don't buy any of the fake meat and dairy products, but I heard this one was amazing. I didn't have to go far, it was at Noahs. I picked up a few other items as well, and I am still not sure what to make for dinner that uses Diaya.

I found these raw pie desserts that I want to try and make this week. I haven't tried them yet, but they look delicious. If I perfect a recipe for it, I will definitely post it!

I never forget the Kombucha fairy!
A raw chocolate rice crisp dessert. It was soooo amazing. I really need to get back to work in the kitchen!
I haven't done a spin class in a while, so yesterday's was annoyingly hard. I am pretty sore today, but I figure a short 3 mile run with  Gigi would do my legs some good. I have swim practice tonight at 8:30, and swimming always makes me feel amazing.

I will post and let you know how the Daiya dinner turns out!  :)

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