Monday, August 30, 2010

Veggie Burgers (Made with lots of veggies)

I'm pretty sure I've posted the recipe for these before. They're the mixed bean ones. They have spinach, onion, carrots, peppers and fresh herbs! This time I added twice the spinach, 1/2 the onion, and a tablespoon of flax in addition to the chia. They still tasted amazing! And these are Ryan's favourite.

One for me and one for Ryan!
I finished off with one of my blueberry spelt mini pies! Soooo delish! Especially because it's been swimming in sucannat syrup.

I did about 30 minutes of good stretching tonight; my hip flexors and hamstrings are rock hard--> and not in the good way. I have my 20 km run tomorrow, so I have to make sure i'm all loosened up and limber!

Wish me luck!

Amazing mango/granola/coconut breakfast invention for tomorrow!


  1. HY precious , I'm glad you had a good day at the beach , tomorrow is the big day ??? i know you will do awesome , i wish you a lot of luck and energy, LOVE YOU PRECIOUS !!!

    Michele B,

  2. Can I get the veggie burger recipe. xenie