Thursday, August 26, 2010

Overnight oats.....again :)

Like I said, obsessed. I love overnight oats. Last night I just mixed 1/2 cup organic oats with 3/4 cup rice milk, and 5 chopped dates. In the morning I added half of a cut up nectarine and it was pure bliss!
With a cup of organic green tea with kombucha!
I forgot to write about my 10 km run yesterday. I sort of felt like I was going faster than usual, but when I hooked up my garmin, I found out that I was running 9 seconds slower as an average pace then my previous 10 km run. I think that there has to be a margin of error with the garmin, because I follow the same route exactly, and every time I have to run a little further or a little shorter at the end to reach 10 km.
Distance: 10.01 km
Time:  58:10
Calories: 633
Average Pace: 5:50 min/ km
Average HR: 159 (86% of max)
Max HR: 172

All in all it was an okay run though. I felt super sluggish around the 7.5-8.5 km mark. I think it's because I do two different out and back loops, and that was the last one. I hate having to go back on a route that I already did. If I could do the old style suicide runs, where you just run however far you can and then call someone to come get you, I would be able to go much further.

I will be making a variation of the Little Health Monster Skintastic Smoothie after the gym.
I'll be leaving for the gym in about an hour and i'll be doing 1 hour of biceps and abs and 1 hour spinning.

Wish me luck!

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