Monday, August 23, 2010

Leftover's for lunch!

I loooooove leftovers! Had some of the enchiladas for lunch, along with 2 kiwis and a handful of grapes.
Some green tea with kombucha to start me off!
Breakfast: overnight oats!
Sorry about the photo quality: too early in the morning, hardly had any light
These oats were the same as the other days, I just added less rice milk and more dates! Yumm! And then halfway through eating it I added mango chunks!
I also made the same thing for my mother (who is visiting), and I made pumpkin oats for Ryan.
Ryan is in a lot of trouble. I set them out for him in the morning next to the bed with crushed walnuts on top, and then I had to leave for the gym. I come back and see that its gone so I think that he's eaten it. Then I go into the fridge, and there it is, and its uncovered!

The gym today: I did 1 hour with my trainer ( I can't really remember what we did because the whole time I was cursing him under my breath), but I do know that I was sweating profusely, burned 415 calories and had an average HR of 121, with a max of 165. It was a good workout, lots of kettlebells and punching (not the trainer).
Following the training session I did a 3 mile (5 km ) run on the treadmill, I figured that I would be kind to my joints. The run was pretty good, but it always feels like I have to run faster on the treadmill for a speed that I would do easily on the road. I always make sure that the incline is atleast 1.5 or else I run into the front of the machine everytime, and it makes it feel more realistic to the road. This run took me 30 minutes and 35 seconds, I burnt 367 calories, average HR was 144, and max HR was 166.

Now i'm off to make those sweet potato date muffins and make a Health Monster Skintastic Smoothie!!!

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