Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sorry for the delay!

So sorry that I haven't been able to post. It was my boyfriend and I's 4 year anniversary and it was filled with lots of food and fun.
As you may well know, I am a vegan, and for our anniversary we decided to indulge and go vegetarian for the day! Here is the skinny (or not so skinny) on what happened:

8 am: I woke up my boyfriend (who wasn't very appreciative of it) and told him that we had to wake up early in order to get in as much food as possible; and the first thing I wanted? A BELGIAN WAFFLE!
My Belgian waffle: dipped in chocolate, with whip cream, strawberries and caramel sauce! Oh yeahhhh!

This is after we devoured them in 2 minutes. Felt completely awful after, and almost said that I was out for the rest of the days eating.
After slowly walking home from the waffle debauchery (Wanda's Waffles), we brought our two little munchkins for a walk and a ball-throw at a local track and soccer field. They love chasing the ball, but our smaller dog Lola has trouble grabbing the ball with her mouth; but she still runs for it!

We then rode our bikes to Utopia Cafe on College Street in Little Italy. They have amazing vegetarian gravy and awesome nachos with white beans, guacamole (which they forgot) and lots of cheese!
This picture doesn't do justice to the size of this beast! But wait till' you see how two hungry people hardly made a dent in it!
Vegetarian gravy, fries and cheese curds! Those were gone very quickly ( I have a thing for deep fried foods and sweets)
This is the best we could do. We had to admit defeat. I thought that I may have actually gotten sick.
It was a very good idea that I convinced Ryan to ride our bikes for that day's journey. It really helped with the sickness and gluttony of over eating.
After Utopia defeated us, we rode home, took a 4 hour nap, and then wondered what else we could eat.
Oh yes! And in between Wanda's and Utopia, I had two ice cream Drumsticks. (yuk I know).

For dinner we decided to go to the Keg (I know, not much for a vegetarian). But I ended up having the spinach dip, the chipotle mac and cheese (soooo delicious) and a trio of their desserts ( banana pie with butterscotch, chocolate brownie, and cherry cheesecake).
Sorry that I don't have any pictures of the Keg, but I felt rude taking pictures in there when it was so dark with fake ambiance.

At home after the Keg I passed out immediately, and vowed never to do this again. Ryan asked if I wanted to get some Pizza with him, but I just couldn't do it, even though pizza was on my list of things I wanted to eat.
So I went to bed, and that was the end of my vegetarianism for the day.

What I learnt from the whole thing was that eating those sorts of foods really does make you feel downright awful. I've noticed that since I've really focused on eating right and eating clean that I haven't had many cravings for the types of foods I divulged in that day. I have been feeling full and satisfied by a health vegan diet.

After probably going overboard about 2000 calories that day, I really had to make up for it the next day. That will be in the next post.


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