Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tomorrow is a new day!

My mom said such a great thing to me today, she said, "Tomorrow is a new day". It meant a lot to me today, I was feeling guilty because I didn't run, and because I ate 3 of my homemade mini spelt blueberry pies (which i'll get to soon). But tomorrow is a new day, and tomorrow doesn't depend on what I did today, so I can start fresh and have an even greater run tomorrow. I always seem to put these super high demands on myself; like, I have to run 8 km today, I have to do one hour of weight training, or I have to get in at least 5 runs this week. After a while, I really start to get stressed out and then I'll completely hate excercising. I always go through waves of liking excercise then hating it, and I think this is why. I need to learn to not hate myself for not doing what I planned that day, to just go with the flow instead. I know that I do this with other areas of my life too. It is something that i'm becoming more aware of, and something that I really have to work on.

On another note!

The granola bars from last night turned out great. They had a perfect consistency, but on the next batch I'm going to go without the cinnamon. Sometimes cinnamon adds a fake sort of taste in my opinion.
Very high in protein, lots of flax, hemp, almond butter, chia seeds and other good stuff!
 These are the mini blueberry spelt pies: I feel like a total glutton
The blueberries were great, they added lots of moisture
I will post the recipe later, as it is a lengthy one. But it's a good one to have because it gives you a basic spelt dough.

Dinner will probably be fruit, to offset the damage I've done with the pies :)

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  1. I just made my own smoothe , what a good day today !!!!
    Michele B