Friday, August 13, 2010

5 Km Run! Wooohoo

I decided to take yesterday off because of visiting family, and then almost had to take today off too; but I managed to sneak in a quick 5 km run and a bit of abs and chest.

Here are the stats from my run:

Time: 26:06 minutes
Distance: 5.01 Km
Calories: 279
Elevation Gain: 860 m
Average Pace: 5:12 min/ km
Avg HR: 166 (90% of max)
Max HR :180

This run felt pretty good. I am not a very fast runner; pretty sure I don't house one fast-twitch muscle in my body. So I went all out on this 5 km.
If you find that you don't have enough time to do a longer run, try fitting in a shorter tempo run. It keeps your heart rate more elevated and conditions you in different ways that a long run would.
I also learnt that I should try switching up the times of  day that I exercise. Because I find that I always lose energy around 3 or 4 o clock (I work out in the mornings), if I were to work out at all times of the day my body wouldn't know when to be highly energized (like in the mornings) so my energy level would be more consistent throughout the day.

I made my own cereal yesterday ! It's amazing, so excited to have it for breakfast in a few minutes. Its mostly quinoa with a bit of flax and chia.

I will update later!

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