Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hello everyone! Hope your day has been going well! Mine has been pretty great so far, I've been super busy getting everything off my list crossed off. I did a kick-butt leg workout today, exchanged a pair of pants, bought some tea, had lunch with the hubs, cooked dinner, did yoga, did laundry, did the dishes, etc.

The bad part about today is that my toe isn't feeling any better. I'll give it 2 more days, and if it doesn't get a little bit better, I will go to the clinic.

Breakfast today was scrambled egg whites, hummus and 1 red bell pepper. The eggs were mixed with nutritional yeast, and 1 tbsp of salsa.

As I mentioned, Ryan and I went out to lunch. I had lots of errands to run (like exchanging jeans and buying blush) that he didn't want to take part in, so he met me at the eating part. :)

 We had lunch at Hibiscus. I had their delicious mixed salad with a raw cracker, and their squash soup. The server said what kind of squash it was, but I didn't quite hear her/ wasn't paying attention.

Isn't he cute!
Next up! Dinner. I got inspired from Fat Free Vegan Kitchens "Collards Stuffed with Red Beans and Rice" and though mine was edible, I completely butchered it. My collards weren't wrapping very well and when I actually decided to read the recipe, I realized that I was supposed to cook them. But seeing as how nutritious collards are, I ate them raw and cut it up, kind of like a weird salad.

Those pretty little collard wraps turned into this:

Ryan bought me a gift card for David's tea, so I decided to use it all up today. I bought a travel mug with a tea steeper in it (which I've been wanting for a while and it's uhhhmazing!).

Yes, those are my old lady hands.

And while I was at the tea store, I couldn't help but buy some more tea. Who doesn't love being on a green tea high and "do stupid things faster and with more energy" as my mom and I like to say ?

Now, the leg workout! I was sweating and my legs were super jiggly( in the good way). On a side note though, the gym still smelt smokey and they had about 2934209293829 industrial sized fans blowing smokey air everywhere, it was awesome. I came home smelling like jerky.

Leg workout:

Superset 1:
  • Smith machine plie squat 90lbs (12,12,15)
  • Jump squats (20,20,20)
  • One legged sit down and ups on bench (12,12,12) each side (For these, you stay on one leg through the whole movement, the other leg doesn't touch the ground until you're done 12)
Superset 2:
  • Leg Press 90 lbs (12,15,15)
  • Burpees (15,15,15) ---> these were sort of half-assed, I hate burpees. Don't ask me why I put them in my workout. I think I was subconsciously punishing myself for something I don't quite know yet.
  • Hamstring curl on ball (12,12,12) each leg
Superset 3: The hardest one
  • Bulgarian split squats 40 lbs ( 12,15,15) each leg
  • Barbell step ups (24,24,24)
  • Box toe taps (60,60,60) --> A jumping toe tap movement, alternate left, right, left, right ( hope that's understandable)
Superset 4:
  • Leg extension  70 lbs (12,12,12)
  • Split jumps (20,20,20)
  • Tuck jumps (15,15,15)
I also did some of Bob Harpers butt burners at the end.

Well, I hope everyone has a great night. I am off to do a bit of cleaning and hope that the green tea energy doesn't wear off to soon!

Just a little P.S. here. I got Muscle and Fitness Hers in the mail today (yipeee) and I thought I'd shared some interesting info.

-> Do cardio after weights. I always do it before because I thought that's what I was supposed to do, but apparently not. "Subjects who did cardio after a weight workout burned significantly more fat during the first 15 minutes of cardio then when they did cardio before weight training. When trying to lean out, be sure to finish your weight workout with some cardio, even if its just for 15 minutes."

-> Stagger your cardio. "Splitting your cardio into several shorter blocks can help you drop more fat. Such training has been shown to boost post workout calorie burn when compared to a continuous workout."

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  1. Wow !!!You had a busy day and yes Ryan look good on the picture and the salad at Hibiscus look so delicious !! so as your dinner The collard wrap look like they could be in the family of cabage rolls !! I sure miss your cooking Little Health monster !!! Love Mom xxx