Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pushing yourself at the gym

I found this great article in Musclemag and I thought I should share a part of it :

"A 60% effort in the gym may help your social life, but it won't build muscle. Training has gotten so lackadaisical that those few who work up a real sweat working out as if they mean it, look out of place in the gym. The easy approach is infectious, and all that works just as well to lessen motivation as it can to heighten it. Bottom line? The weights don't give a damn, neither does your body. It doesn't want to grow and the weights don't want to be lifted. Bodybuilding all boils down to mind over matter. The mind is your ability to sustain an intense training ethic; the matter is the weight you must dominate and conquer. In short, it's war. You must force your muscles to grow, not ask them politely if they'd mind adding and inch or two. Left to it's own devices-  comfort and ease- the body deteriorates. If you don't believe that, put your arm in a sling for a month and see the deterioration. To build the best body you can you must wage war on any inclination you may have to take things easy. Challenge your body, extend your physical envelope, put enough stress on your muscles to force them to grow, and always ask more of yourself than you can comfortably give. Walk out of the gym as if nothing has happened, and you'll find nothing has."

I found these words really inspiring and very true in my own case. I work moderately hard at the gym, but I'm never pushing myself like crazy. I've never really been too sure how heavy is too heavy for me and so on, I've kind of been scared to try new things. So I'm changing my whole outlook on the gym now. If I wake up and get the motivation to go, the least I can do is give it my all.

60 day challenge here I come!

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