Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just another busy Sunday

Hey guys! It's been a few very busy days. With work and working out, I can't even find time to sleep. I do have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday off though, and so I will be travelling back to my home town for a small vacation :) I just have to get through todays double.

The picture above was breakfast today. One Ezekiel english muffin, with almond butter, apple butter, and hemp hearts.

Yesterday I did a plyometrics leg workout at the gym, and shoulders. I didn't think I was feeling it much, but plyometrics works you in a different way. I was definitely super exhausted the rest of the day from it.

Plyo Leg Workout:

  • Bench step ups  20 each leg x 3
  • Split jumps 20 each leg x 3
  • Box jump 20 x 3
  • Band side step 20 each leg x 3
  • Traveling jump squat 20 x 3
  • Standing calf raise 20 each leg x 3
I highly recommend this workout. You should take about 30 - 60 seconds of rest between each set, and don't do this as a circuit.

For lunch yesterday, Ryan made me a delicious cajun baked salmon! I added some  asparagus, onion, kale and broccoli (with a hint of salsa) to the mix, and it was a great rounded out (low carb) dish.

The salmon is kind of hidden in the green

And for dinner I had a little salad

Hard boiled eggs, spinach, hummus, balsamic.
I have to get to my 2932039203902 things to do, so I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

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