Friday, January 7, 2011

Gym rats

I have to try and stay true to my inner bloggie. I had an amazing dinner at Fressen and really wanted to photograph it, but felt like a total goober whipping out my camera and giving people seizures with the flash.

So instead, you will have to make do with my dinner pictures from tonight. It looks like THE most unhealthy meal in the world, but I swear to you , it's not; there is some sweet potato in the oven, I ate a whole red pepper 10 seconds ago, and kale is on the way. Yes, my intense hatred of kale has turned into a moderate dislike. We're making progress.

If you're wondering what the heck that meal is, it's tilapia, miso tofu, and a wasabi sauce. Ryan made me the wasabi sauce with some wasabi powder, water, and goats yogurt. It's delish! I've been using it to dip my sweet fries in.

On the workout front, Ryan came to the gym with me, and either a) he liked it so much or b) hated it and just wants to make me happy, so he signed up for a membership. I don't think we will ever really get to go together since he wakes up at 2 pm and i'm already home from the gym by 9 am. But, while signing up, the gym people spoke to us about their 60 day challenge. The prizes are insane and amazing. I have a good feeling about it, so I signed up. It's not based on who loses the most weight or gains the most muscle, since everyone is starting out from a different point, but its based on who has the best transformation. I know I can win this. Like my wall says, "2011 IS THE YEAR YOU GET RIPPED", and it's in capitals too. After the gym, we walked over to the "muscle building store" as I like to call it, and picked up some tools to help me reach my goal. I picked up some branch chain amino acids, some fish oil ( apparently I have to take 5 times more than what I am taking daily), and some CLA. Everything is all natural, and I can't wait to see the results. Hopefully I win that 2 year BMW lease, $10,000, 1 year unlimited Freshii, and lots more.

Fingers crossed guys. Or maybe, biceps curled?

See you later guys!

Forgot to mention: Black Swan got a "meh" from me. Natalie Portman was great, but the whole story kind of sucked. And no, it's not because I didn't understand it, I did, it just wasn't interesting. But this is coming from someone who's favourite movie is Superbad, and who is more excited to come home and watch Battlestar then to see her significant other (shhh).

Just kidding about the last part.

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  1. I am so happy that Ryan join you for the gym !! and glad you had a greath dinner with your friend !! I want go see that movie !! i have 4 pass for the movies !! yeahhh! and I also want to wish you the best luck for the 60 days chalenge , you will be so ripped!!! GOOD LUCK Little Health Monster !!!!!Love you Mom xxx