Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I've spent the past week moving from my old bachelor to a two bedroom with my man lover! The living part is fun, the moving part--> not so much.

This is what happened the day I moved. So I was a pretty damn useless mover. I'm about 90% done though, thanks to the violation of labour laws on my moms behalf. You're the best mom.

I was carrying a stupid (can you tell i'm a little bit bitter) IKEA table really high (because i'm so strong) and the damn middle part came out and landed right on my big toe. I was in momentary shock, and still managed to get shit on the elevator, but once I reached the ground level I started crying like a little pansy.

It goes to say that I don't see any more marathons in my near future, which blows. Cheers to training upper body for the next 6 months like the average male gym-goer :)

Have a great day everyone


  1. You are so cute ,and thank-you for the comment about me i like it very much and about your toe it will be find when you get married ,He He He LOVE MOM xoxo

  2. Hey little monster where are you ?Where are you ?