Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The most important day of your life is TODAY!

I worked on my shoulders yesterday, and woke up with sore lats and pecs. No idea where that came from, especially since I haven't worked back or chest in a few days.

I did 8-12-16 for shoulders and biceps:
8 reps x 65 bb strict press
12 reps x 20's db neutral grip press
16 reps x 10's db lateral raise

8 reps x 25 db concentration curl
12 reps x 15's db zottman curls
16 reps x 30 lb bb curl

Rest 2 minutes between each circuit and repeat each 4 times. It's a killer.

I've also decided to amp up the running, my toe isn't 100% yet but it's better than what it was. I wish I could do BJJ more often, but I injured myself each time. And with my profession, I can't afford to be injured.

On another note, i'm moving out of my apartment! I found someone to sublet it, and he should be here any moment to sign the lease. But I am super duper excited! Living alone really sucks. It's awesome when you want to blare rap and pretend you're a hip hop dancer, but shitty when you want to come home and talk to someone (dogs don't count).

After mentioning that I was going back to being vegan, I was astounded by all the negative comments. All the frustration of being vegan came back to me. WHY DO PEOPLE CARE WHAT I EAT!!!!! I'm not preachy, but they sure as hell are, and its irritating as @%$*.

I plan on running 10 km today and working on legs. We'll see if I survive.

Have an amazing and stellar day! The most important day of your life is TODAY!

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  1. You are so right! People sure have things to say about vegan ,it is obvious that those peoples have no clue about the hole picture , like i know you stick to your believes and you should turn those peoples around if they let you ,because i know Vegan is the way to good health , i wish i could have good meals and snacks coming to me at my door every day ,it is more expensive but in the long run it's worth it , Love you my dear , and Sony says if the girls like him it's all good !!! xoxoxoxo